GerryNorth-e1342602124661111111111You have heard people say we are all mad, well we are. You must have thought that some people you meet are stark raving mad, when you have no idea what they are going on about or why. Well the same is said about you and me out there. Our minds are full of junk, chatter, repetition and noise and we ourselves put it all there. But we can save ourselves from our own insane minds.

But before I go on I want you to clear your mind of judgment for just a while or else you will not be able to accept what I have to say because your mind ego will try to reject it. Are you ready?

Before you were three years of age you just saw the world as an amazing place because you were in a state of pure awareness. You had not yet formed an idea about you or the world. Over the years however you have formed ideas about you and everything else in the world. You have opinions and beliefs about people, products, nations, religion, gay life, straight life, babies – you name it you have developed an idea about it from your own point of view. And from these ideas you see your world. It is not my world, or for that matter anyone else’s, it is only yours. Scary huh!

So what happens is your mind is full of chatter, junk, repetition and noise as it judges everything around you. It means you never really see anything as it truly is. Your lovely pure awareness that you once had before you were three has gone.

The first trick to get pure awareness back is to know this. Once you know you are seeing the world through your own filters you can place a space between you and your thoughts. That is the second and most important trick – finding that space. Can you do that now? Try to watch your mind think Stuff.

This space is your sanity. Say you feel depressed about all the things that have happened to you or worry all the time about the future. There goes the mind making up stories or replaying noise over and over again, slowly driving you into depressed thoughts. Now place a space between you and what your mind is thinking. Does it feel a little easier now? Do you now feel a little separated from your mind made problems? There is you and then there is your junk mind.

How did you go with all this mind stuff? It might resonate with you and it might not. If you get it then I hope you know you can create a space between you and your noisy, junk filled mind. Actually it is easier than you think. Ah, isn’t that better already? Look up Eckhart Tolle on You Tube, he might change your life.


Gerry North is a gay couples and general counsellor.

Email: [email protected]


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