Christian Hull And Christopher Wayne Launch Tickets For Their Brisbane Show

Christian Hull And Christopher Wayne Launch Tickets For Their Brisbane Show

Earlier this year two of Brisbane’s biggest personalities Christian Hull and Christopher Wayne announced the launch of their national tour, now you can catch their show, Bad Friends in Brisbane.

This dynamic comedic duo are well known to audiences in Australia and around the world.

Christian Hull is most known for his quirky internet personalities and viral videos that have taken on a life of themselves, he has gone on to launch the highly successful “Fuck Off Shop” and even released his own book.

Meanwhile established magician Christopher Wayne has travelled the world as one half of the The Naked Magicians, captivating audiences with his cheeky show and quick witted personality. Eager eyed reality TV fans will have also spotted him appearing on Big Brother in 2021.

“Christian is one of the funniest people I’ve ever worked with”

It was a chance realisation for the two stars that they were both living in incredibly close proximity to each other in Brisbane.

They eventually struck up a friendship that blossomed into far more than they had initially planned, leading them to uncover a truly hilarious and hectic dynamic between the pair.

“Christian is one of the funniest people I’ve ever worked with” Christoper says “His comedy online somehow is even funnier in real life.”

Christian’s often vulgar and inappropriate humour, coupled with Christopher’s quick wit, magic skills and eye for a good production, was a clear recipe for comedy.

It was this realisation that encouraged the two to bring their dynamic to life on stage, where together they will deliver a night of story telling, laughter, a little bit of magic and some very cheeky humour.

Christian Hull & Christopher Wayne are Bad Friends

Originally billed as Naked and Afraid, the two dysfunctional friends spent some time reflecting on the nature of their relationship and content of the show, eventually deciding on a new name.

“It’s exactly the same show” Christopher Wayne tells The Star Observer. “We just thought, we’re not naked or afraid in the show. But what we are in real life is Bad Friends and that really comes through in the show.”

“We’ve been touring this show for a few months now, and it’s some of the wildest fun I’ve ever had on stage” he says and he’s even more excited be bringing it to Brisbane.

“Performing in Brisbane will be special. Not only because it’s our home city, but because it means I can be home by 9pm.”

Tickets to Bad Friends are now on sale for their one night only show in Brisbane, they are currently touring nationally, including appearing at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

When: Saturday the 9th of March, 5pm

Where: The Paddo Tavern

Tickets: Available Online

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