It’s Camp – Disco Drag Show

It’s Camp – Disco Drag Show
A delightfull, dazzling, daggy, disco drag show, It’s Camp is, as the title suggests, a celebration of Camp in all its forms! Starring your exceptional host Silvio Di Baci (He/Him) and a stellar lineup of performers doing their favourite disco numbers: Goo (He/They), Abeloth Adams (They/She), Izzy Inyette (She/Her) and Mx Lollies (They/He). So slip into some flares and bring your best boogie energy to the new home for “Campy Goodness and Goofy Funtimes”!
When:  October 12, 2023, 8 pm
Where: The Old Bar, 74–76 Johnston Street, Fitzroy
Tickets: $11.25–$23.50
Accessibility: The Old Bar is a small, semi-accessible venue but does not have accessible bathrooms.

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