Mardi Gras Parade

Mardi Gras Parade
Image: Jeffrey Feng

The epitome of Pride celebrations, as thousands come together for the incredible march down one of the gayest streets in the world, is the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade.

It summons all subcultures, LGBTQI community groups, organisations, and allies to the famous Oxford Street, for a march covered in glitter and glamour, confetti and camp.

Acknowledging Queer History

This year is the 46th anniversary of the first Mardi Gras, initially starting as a protest along the famous Oxford strip. On June 24, 1978, a group of advocates took their queer parties to the streets.

This celebratory moment quickly turned into an intense showdown between the protesters and police, with multiple unlawful arrests.

The events of the First Mardi Gras were a pivotal moment in Gay and Lesbian liberation and sparked the fight for Queer inclusivity in Australia.

The tireless work of the 78ers and other advocacy groups has led to sociopolitical change which culminated in this global celebration today.

Parade Program

The parade starts with the amazing Dykes on Bikes roaring ahead of the First Nations community float and the 78ers bus.

These are followed by floats of organisations represented by their community leaders in a celebration of their continuous work.

Hundreds of thousands of participants in gorgeous frocks follow on fabulous floats each with their own choreography and campy attitudes on display.

Turning Sydney’s roads into a rainbow trail is a feast for the eyes. Last year’s Parade brought over 12,000 marchers, 200 floats, and a quarter of a million spectators to Oxford Street and the surrounding areas.

The celebration has only ever continued to grow, attracting people from all over the country and the world.

Viewing Points

With such a demand, it’s important to consider your game plan for attendance. Free viewing is available down the road, however, be prepared for large crowds.

No matter how early or close to the road you may be, it can get claustrophobic really easily. You may be lucky to score a free elevated viewing from nearby building areas, or within nearby venues.

For the easiest viewing experience, grab front row viewing tickets from the multiple approved viewing platforms.

For up-close viewing, there are multiple options along Flinders Street; The Sideshow viewing provides grandstand seating or Club Cindy turns part of the street into a party with viewing opportunities.

For large groups and families, viewing is available at Ruby Road, a picnic-like setting with screenings of the parade at Moore Park and allowing a view of its finish along the Anzac Parade.

Each of these ticketed options upgrades your Mardi Gras Parade experience to VIP, with exceptional viewing and bar amenities readily available.

No matter where you stand for the Parade, it will be impossible to miss the queer joy on display, as thousands are lit up with glitter and lights. Join us in celebrating the community that fought so hard for LGBTQI inclusion and representation!.

For more information and tickets, click here.

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