Mel Buttle Brings Her National Tour To The Gold Coast

Mel Buttle Brings Her National Tour To The Gold Coast
Image: Mel Buttle Facebook

For over ten years Queer comedian Mel Buttle has been delivering her hysterical stand-up comedy to audiences around the country.

Since winning the Best New Comer at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2010 Mel has continued to shine as a comedian and entertainer with a growing fanbase.

She has gone on to tour Australia countless times and extended her career to hosting The Great Australian Bake Off, appearing on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and countless other television programs.

Mel has been a regular on The Project and a contestant on the 2024 series of Taskmaster.

However, Mel has also become a household name as Lyn, her social media alter ego who has helped her amass hundreds of thousands of fans online.

Lyn has entertained her followers for years now as the quirky, inquisitive and opinionated mother that everyone can relate to.

‘I’ve been doing standup long before Lyn arrived’

Now in 2024 Mel Buttle is touring her show Not Here To Put Socks On Centipedes across the country and is making a stop of the Gold Coast and Brisbane this March.

However Mel took to social media to deliver an important reminder for her fans about her show and her character Lyn.

“My national tour is me, as myself doing standup comedy” she reminded her followers, who seemingly have been expecting to see much more of the loveable mum during her shows.

“There’s no Lyn at all in the show. Lyn is an online creation of mine, and that’s where she will stay for now” she enforced.

“I’ve been doing standup long before Lyn arrived.”

Not Here To Put Socks On Centipedes

But she was quick to remind them they can still expect a fantastic stand up show, because after all Mel is the genius behind Lyn.

“Lyn is made with the same comedic sensibility that writes my shows, so you will hopefully enjoy seeing me live” she quipped.

Fans of Mel Buttle can still expect to hear her hysterical stories and observations that often extend from the most average moments of her day.

From walking her dogs, to perhaps doing a run to the tip, Mel can turn any story to comedy gold with her sharp wit and impeccable timing.

You can catch Mel Buttle in Not Here To Put Socks On Centipedes at HOTA on The Gold Coast on March 23.

For full details of the tour and to purchase tickets head to her website.

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