Strutting Their Stuff: Midsumma Pride March

Strutting Their Stuff: Midsumma Pride March
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Now picture this. Thousands of people are lining the street, dressed in all colours of the rainbow. They’re cheering, they’re celebrating, and they’re proud. 

Down the street, floats of all sizes, slowly trudge along their path, ornately decorated and carrying along some of the most beautiful people you have ever seen. Behind them are smaller groups, modest but there for the fun and often receiving the biggest cheer. 

The music is loud and the vibes are immaculate. You might be thinking ‘Thanks, but why exactly are you describing Sydney’s Mardi Gras parade to us?’. 

You would be wrong to ask that. What I have just described is the typical scene and what you should most definitely expect from Melbourne’s iconic Midsumma March. 

When and Where

Making its way down Fitzroy Street and finishing up on St Kilda harbour, Midsumma’s Pride March, for many, is the biggest highlight of the festival. The floats included are both unique and spectacular, and the after-party in St Kilda’s Catani Gardens is yet another unmissable event. 

For last year’s March, there was an intentional and strong focus on youth and the future of Queer communities. This was highlighted by the fact that the second wave of the parade, was dedicated to Queer youth. Featuring organisations as diverse as Minus18 Youth and Headspace, and covering ages from early childhood (Rainbow Playgroup Kensington) to high schoolers (Melbourne Grammar School Pride Alliance). 

With registrations having closed, and the excitement growing around who will feature this Midsumma, if one thing is for certain, Fitzroy Street, St Kilda is the place you want to be on February 4. 

For additional information on this event, please visit Midsumma’s website. 

When: February 4

Where: Fitzroy Street, St Kilda

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