Sunday Social At The Laird Hotel

Sunday Social At The Laird Hotel
Image: by DEANation via Instagram @thelairdmelbourne

Wrap up your weekend Laird-style with Sunday Social. 

The Laird Hotel’s man-sized beer garden is the perfect place to be on a Sunday to let loose before the week ahead. Join DJs Peter McNamara, Papa Tom, and Jayson Leahy who will provide the best soundtrack as the day turns into night. 

A BBQ will also be on offer with a range of delicious meats to enjoy. Best of all, the Laird team will keep you stocked up on beverages all afternoon with their generous all-day drink specials. Bottoms up! 

Make the most of a lazy Sunday at The Laird Beer Garden. For more information, click here. 

When: Sundays, 4-10 pm 

Where: The Laird Hotel, 149 Gipps St, Abbotsford

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