The Divas of Showbiz at DT’s

The Divas of Showbiz at DT’s

Prepare yourself for a night of glamour and delight at Melbourne’s beloved DT’s, where Rubi Taböö, Esther Rix, Jacqui Meoff, Sara Tonin & Xena Ghost are performing as the Divas of Showbiz! Don’t forget that it’s a rotating lineup, so you might want to snag tickets to more than one night to collect the set and see all these fabulous local queens.

When: 13, 20 & 27 April, 2024, doors open at 4pm, shows from 10pm onwards
Where: DT’s Hotel, 164 Church St, Richmond, Melbourne, Victoria
Tickets: $5.59–$10, pre-booking essential (Free entry before 9pm)
Accessibility: DT’s is wheelchair accessible.

***This event is strictly 18+, Bags and IDs will be checked.***

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