The Toucan Kings: Celebrating Brisbane’s Drag Kings

The Toucan Kings: Celebrating Brisbane’s Drag Kings

While it is well known that Brisbane has an incredible amount of talented Drag Queens, it’s not often enough that our equally talented Drag Kings are given the spotlight.

However, The Toucan Kings is placing the talents of our local Drag Kings front and centre in a fantastic new local production.

Taking place until December 22 at Pip Theatre, The Toucan Kings promises performances that blend burlesque, comedy, song and dance. This tantalising event is hosted by York Lit and will feature stunning performances from an array of local performers, including Johnny Gash, Will Turn-Her and Lord Severus.

The Toucan Kings is part of the Toucan Club Cabaret and Live Arts Festival at Pip Theatre in Milton and features over 20 different shows across two months, including Life is a Gaybaret, Sex and Other Philosophies, and much more.

To purchase tickets, head to the Pip Theatre website:

When: Till December 22

Where: Pip Theatre, 20 Park Road, Milton, Brisbane

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