Tiliqua Tiliqua

Tiliqua Tiliqua
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Tiliqua Tiliqua is an artist-run gallery space in Enmore. 


Cowboys and Other Stories

February 22-26

Ian James Scott developed his solo show while faced with the restrictions of lockdown — challenged by a combination of online life drawing sessions and the lack of easily accessible traditional materials. As he says, ‘art stores were closed, but you could walk into Bunnings and Officeworks’. His drawings play with concepts of masculinity and challenge what that means in the process of making art. The homoerotic subjects are portrayed using materials that are found in typically heteronormative spaces. Ian (he/him) is a Melbourne-based artist, originally from Sydney. Ian will be creating a new work in the gallery during the show.



March 1-5 

This show juxtaposes the works of Nicholas, a Sydney-based artist now in Wellington, NZ, and Amy Sargeant, a Meanjin (Brisbane) based activist, visual artist and musician, whose art practices embrace different ends of the artistic spectrum. Nicholas revels in his command of traditional drawing practices to produce sketches of great delicacy and humour. Amy works with sculpture, audio and video to express her disillusionment with the dysfunctions of the Australian political establishment by reframing the elements of political spectacle.

For more details, check the website. 

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