American Comedian Matteo Lane Gives Tour Of Chicago Gaybourhood Boystown

American Comedian Matteo Lane Gives Tour Of Chicago Gaybourhood Boystown
Image: Matteo Lane Instagram

American comedian Matteo Lane gave social media a tour of his hometown of North Halsted, AKA Boystown, a gaybourhood in Chicago.

In a post to Instagram, Lane, 37, said, “I am back home in Chicago, and I am in a neighbourhood called North Halsted, formerly known as Boystown, the Queer neighbourhood. I just thought it’d be fun to go down memory lane.”

‘The Floor Is Probably Still Stickie’

Standing in front of a place called, Roscoe’s Tavern, Lane joked, “This is Roscoe’s. The floor is probably still stickie.”

Talking about how oblivious he was back then, he continued, “I just was so ignorant, like I guess everybody was doing drugs, and I just didn’t know. I was drinking a vodka soda, like, ‘who am I gonna make out with tonight’. Everyone was just rolling. I just never understood, like, how are they having so much fun.” 

‘Drugs, Sex, Party, Burking –Complete And Utter Chaos’

Looking at a 7-Eleven convenience store, Lane said, “This 7-Eleven would make Stateville Prison blush. The amount of shit that went down– drugs, sex, party, burking– complete and utter chaos.” 

‘I Remember The Sign Above The Urinal Said ‘No Meth’

Lane also shared the first gay club he ever went to, called Hydrate. 

He explained, “When you go into a gay club for the first time, and you’re not exposed to anything gay, you walk in and you’re inundated with everything. I remember the sign above the urinal said ‘no meth’.

“If I could get that sign framed, I would – real tragedy.”

‘The Best Gay Club In Boystown Called Taco Burrito Palace’

Walking further, Lane pointed out what used to be “the best gay club in Boystown”.

Lane said, “This used to be the best gay club in Boystown, called Taco Burrito Palace.”

Yes, you read that correctly. 

He continued, “It was a shitty-ass, late-night Mexican place. The greasiest, fattest burritos. Fantastic. It’s a tragedy that place shut down.”


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Married Partner In August

In August, Lane got married to partner, professional dancer Rodrigo Aburto.

At the time, in a post to social media, Lane shared a slow-motion video of the two dressed in black and red outfits, kissing in confetti.

Aburto also posted to social media, writing, “Thank u…now I’m married .”

The first time the couple appeared together on social media was in June, when Lane posted a sequence of comedic thirst traps of the pair.


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Lane is currently travelling around the world for his stand-up special, The Al Dente Tour.

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