Bobby Berk Clarifies ‘Feud’ With Tan France

Bobby Berk Clarifies ‘Feud’ With Tan France
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Bobby Berk, one of the Fab Five members of the beloved reality television show ‘Queer Eye’, has revealed why he left the series after eight seasons. 

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Berk openly discussed his ‘feud’ with Queer Eye co-star Tan France.

Last November, Berk revealed that the upcoming season would be his final one.

“It’s with a heavy heart that I announce that Season 8 will be my final season on Queer Eye. It’s not been an easy decision to be at peace with, but a necessary one. Although my journey with Queer Eye is over, my journey with you is not. You will be seeing more of me very soon”, Berk wrote on X.

His unexpected announcement surprised fans, triggering immediate speculation as to the reasons behind his departure. 

Netflix opted to renew the series due to a scarcity of original content resulting from the actors and writers strikes, according to Berk. The Fab Five, including Berk, received a new contract proposal requiring a commitment to an option of four cycles. Berk chose not to sign and revealed that other members of the Fab Five were contemplating a similar decision.

However, shortly before the contract signing deadline, all four of his co-stars opted to continue with the series. Berk explained, “And with only one of us not coming back, Netflix felt [it] could recast one person”. 

The Feud

Speculations about France being the cause of Berk’s departure started circulating last autumn when the interior designer unfollowed him on Instagram.

“Tan and I had a moment. There was a situation, and that’s between Tan and I, and it has nothing to do with the show. It was something personal that had been brewing—and nothing romantic, just to clarify that”, Berk said. 

“Should I have unfollowed Tan? No. Maybe I should have just muted him. But that day, I was angry, and that’s the end of it. We became like siblings—and siblings are always going to fight”, he added. 

While Berk refrained from sharing details about their feud, he stated that he was open to reconciling with France. 

The two Queer Eye stars crossed paths at the 2024 Creative Arts Emmys two weeks ago where Berk shared that they “embraced” while exchanging congratulations.  “I will always have a very special place in my heart for him and Rob [France’s husband] and the kids. I can foresee in six months or a year, Tan and I at each other’s house being good. The Emmys was already the first bandage on that wound”, he told Vanity Fair. 

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