City of Sydney Is Exploring Hosting Regular Drag Storytime Events

City of Sydney Is Exploring Hosting Regular Drag Storytime Events
Image: Image: Robert Knapman/City Of Sydney

City of Sydney, home to one of the largest LGBTQIA+ communities in Australia, is looking into hosting regular drag storytime events at their libraries.

Currently, there are no upcoming City-run drag storytime events on the council’s website.

The motion, put forward by Labor councillor Linda Scott in the last meeting, requests the CEO to allocate funding and guarantee a series of such events in the City’s libraries.

The move follows the example of Inner West Council, who in March unanimously resolved to work with charity Rainbow Families to present a series of drag storytime events. They now regularly host events in council libraries, and have also resolved not to cancel drag story times even in the face of hateful backlash.

“The City of Sydney must acknowledge the integral role we play in supporting the diversity within our local community,” Cr Scott told City Hub. 

“Drag Queen Storytimes should hold a regular spot in the library calendar,” she continued.

“These wonderful events should not be allocated to just the month of March, instead be spread across the whole year.”

Rainbow Angels: a community led initiative 

In light of increasing threats and backlash targeting drag story time events, City of Sydney recently announced they would team up with Inner West Council to pilot a community-led training program following the success of the Rainbow Community Angels in Victoria.

Rainbow Angels provide a light and joyful presence at events and focus on de-escalating potential threats. Their focus is on supporting the LGBTQIA+ community and protecting drag storytime events.

Cr Scott’s motion notes that “everyone should feel safe, welcome and represented within the City of Sydney”, and that “Drag Queen Storytime is especially important for children in rainbow families who may not see themselves represented in main-stream media.”

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