Emma Corrin Reflects On Vitriol Received From Coming Out

Emma Corrin Reflects On Vitriol Received From Coming Out
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The Crown and Deadpool & Wolverine star Emma Corrin has opened up about their experience coming out as non-binary in the public eye, describing the experience as a “headfuck” in an interview with GQ

Reflecting on the time period in 2021, Corrin criticised the industry’s immediate instinct to label and categorise the very identity that they were still navigating. They said: “We’re in an industry which loves to pigeonhole.” 

“They take something at face value, and when you apply that to something so much more fundamental and deeper and more nuanced as gender… it’s really hard.” Continuing, Corrin said: “You go into everything very fresh-faced and with a lot of genuineness. 

“And then you get knocked down a ton and then you come out and you’re verbal about your identity, and then people fucking stamp that out. Make fucking stupid clickbait headlines that make you feel like shit and use your identity against you as a weapon.”

It’s not the first time that Corrin has spoken out against the vitriol they received, having previously expressed shock at the level of hate they received for coming out. They also reflected on attending an all-girls school, and how it further suppressed their gender identity. 

However, they also expressed a strong desire to avoid conformity and live their truth, no matter what barriers are in place. “However your identity speaks to you, what speaks to you more is the pressure to fit in. It took me a while for that to fall away and for me to start having the true independence of figuring out how I wanted to present.”

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Elsewhere in the interview, Corrin commented on the pressure to star in Deadpool & Wolverine during a tumultuous time for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “There’s a lot of pressure on it, but I think that it’s the right one at the right time,” they said. “Because it’s Deadpool, and Deadpool has always broken the mould, right?”

They also talked about their upcoming role in Robert Eggers’ Nosferatu, the ‘bible’ they were given on their character’s life and how they had to become the sole lighting operator of a scene in a very impromptu manner.

You can see Emma Corrin in Deadpool & Wolverine, releasing in Australian cinemas on July 25 2024.

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