Experience the Creative Arts Safe Space at Gold Coast Pride Festival 2024

Experience the Creative Arts Safe Space at Gold Coast Pride Festival 2024
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Gold Coast Rainbow Communities is thrilled to unveil the Creative Arts Safe Space, a brand-new initiative for the 2024 Gold Coast Pride Festival.

This unique offering promises to be a haven for LGBTQIA+, queer, and neurodiverse individuals, providing a sensory-friendly environment for artistic expression and community engagement.

Enjoy the Creative Arts Safe Space at Gold Coast Pride Fair Day

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Pride Fair Day at Macintosh Island Park, the Creative Arts Safe Space will feature a variety of workshops and activities hosted by talented local artists.

From collective art-making to poetry and comedy workshops, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this inclusive and welcoming space.

Danni Zuvela, Co-Director of Gold Coast Rainbow Communities and the Gold Coast Pride Festival, expressed her excitement about the new addition:

“We can’t wait for Pride Festival goers to experience this wonderful sensory space, all-ages and designed to be accessible and safe for the whole community, with special consideration for our neurodivergent folks.”

“The Creative Arts Safe Space is far away from the hustle and bustle of the Pride Festival main stage to be low-key, low-stress, and lightly sociable but is still deeply part of the community!”

The space aims to address the intersection of neurodivergence and queerness, providing a low-key interaction zone crucial for many individuals.

Vince Siciliani, Co-Director of Gold Coast Rainbow Communities and the festival, emphasised the importance of this initiative.

“We are thrilled to offer the Creative Arts Safe Space at Festival 2024.”

We are hugely thankful to the Regional Arts Development Fund, MinterEllison, and our generous Festival partners for their commitment to funding the Space and ensuring our artists are paid for their time and creativity. We see this as a vital next step for the Gold Coast Pride Festival.”

Enjoy free activities and workshops at Fair Day

Activities and workshops in the Creative Arts Safe Space are free and will run from 12 noon to 4 pm.

No sign-up is necessary—just come and join in on the fun. Here’s what’s in store:

The Creative Arts Safe Space at the Gold Coast Pride Festival 2024 offers an array of activities designed to engage and inspire the LGBTQIA+ and neurodiverse community. Join queer comedy sensation JD Zamora in a low-key environment perfect for exploring the art of comedy while being queer and autistic. Whether you bring your own jokes or simply want to learn about the intersection of humour and identity, this space is ideal for a lighthearted yet meaningful experience. Participants are invited to bring their own content to workshop and learn how to put together the perfect comedy set.

Art therapist Lucian Marine will lead a drop-in creative zone where participants can draw, colour, collage, or contribute to a community artwork. This chill space welcomes everyone, including dogs, and provides all necessary materials. Feel free to chat or work quietly with your own projects. Meanwhile, artist Briony Barr invites Pride-goers to collaborate on a beautiful, branching rainbow sculpture inspired by natural forms. This inclusive activity is open to all ages and abilities, including non-verbal participants, with children under six encouraged to collaborate with an adult.

Local poet Emma Simington will lead a discussion on queer poetry, offering techniques and tactics for expressing identity through poetry. Participants can bring their own poems or simply enjoy the conversation as they delve into the empathetic and creative aspects of poetry. Additionally join an engaging Circus Workshop that blends acrobatics, clowning, and aerial arts. This inclusive, supportive space welcomes aspiring performers of all ages and abilities, inviting them to explore the magical world of circus arts in a nurturing environment.

Join us for an unforgettable day of creativity, community, and pride at the Gold Coast Pride Festival 2024!

What: Gold Coast Pride Fair Day Creative Arts Space
Date: Saturday, June1, 2024
Where: Macintosh Island Park, Main Beach, QLD
Cost: Free

For more information, visit Gold Coast Rainbow Communities Creative Arts Space

(https://www.gcrainbowcommunities.com/creative-arts-space) or follow @gcrainbowcommunities on social media.


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