LGBT Artists To Be Featured At The Other Art Fair Sydney

LGBT Artists To Be Featured At The Other Art Fair Sydney
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The Other Art Fair Sydney is set to kick off on October 12 – 15 at The Cutaway in Barangaroo.

According to organisers, the purpose of The Other Art Fair is to “reframe art and how it’s enjoyed, offering a fair that’s inclusive, evocative, and inspiring.”

‘Building A Playground Of Boundless Creativity’

Fair director Luke Potkin explained, “We’re not just ‘curating art’, we’re building a playground of boundless creativity, and I personally can’t wait for Sydneysiders to come along and play, whilst our artists boldly strut their stuff.” 

The Other Art Fair will showcase the works of over 130 Australian-based artists, as well as host workshops, immersive installations, and DJs.

One such featured artist is Queer Sydney-based artist, Amy Blue.


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Blue Created The Hoarding Artwork On Oxford Street For Sydney WorldPride 

In December 2022, Blue was commissioned by the City of Sydney to help beautify Oxford Street, in the lead-up to Sydney WorldPride 2023.

The artwork, which is currently on display, features pop culture art in a rainbow and pink colour scheme and covers Oxford Street construction site safety hoardings.

The hoardings were installed at the development sites on the north side of Oxford Street in early February.

At the time, Blue spoke about her artwork saying, “I wanted this collection of illustrations to capture a snippet of some of the people and events that have illuminated Oxford Street throughout its brilliant and colourful history. It’s an illustrative representation capturing the ‘A-Z of Oxford Street’, a sort of ‘GAY-B-C’ if you like.”

Sydney-Based Artist Angus Martin

Another featured artist is Sydney-based artist Angus Martin, with works including, “Falling In Love with Who I’m Becoming” and “My Better Self.”


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Martin is known for creating the LGBTQI-themed artwork titled “Rise.”

In a post to Instagram, Martin explained, “This artwork acts as a reminder to rise and let your true colours shine – Painted in rainbow colours used to represent and express pride in the LGBTQIA+ community.”

They added, “My vision and intention for this artwork was to express a united and diverse community standing up and rising as one, connected by experiences, emotions, and strength creating a strong unbreakable and united front.”


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For more information, visit their website at

When: October 12 until October 15

Where: The Cutaway, Barangaroo, 1 Merriman Street, Millers Point NSW

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