Meet The LGBTQIA+ Disruptors Keeping Michael Glynn’s Legacy Alive

Meet The LGBTQIA+ Disruptors Keeping Michael Glynn’s Legacy Alive

Controversial and opinionated, Michael Glynn made a lasting impact on Sydney’s LGBTQIA+ scene through his pioneering, innovative and boundary-pushing approach. 

Glynn was a true disruptor in the community, founding the Sydney Star (now known as Star Observer) and Gay Business Association (now known as the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Business Association – both the first of their kind in Australia. He also founded the AIDS Action Committee, helped establish the Mr Leather competition, and recruited athletes for the first Australian Gay Games.

Glynn’s legacy lives on today, and his influence transcends his founding organisations to the many LGBTQIA+ people around Australia that continue to push boundaries, become pioneers in their fields and disrupt the status quo, inspiring and empowering a legacy of pride and progress.

On Wednesday 10 July, the SGLBA and Star Observer are uniting to celebrate the enduring, pioneering legacy of their Founder, Michael Glynn. 

This iconic evening explores the past, present, and future of the LGBTQIA+ community, paying tribute to the Glynn legacy by celebrating two leading, innovative LGBTQIA+ disruptors – one in business and one in media. 

These disruptors will share their perspectives, journey and vision for the future before diving into an intimate panel discussion hosted by the Managing Editor of the Star Observer, Chloe Sargeant.

We’ll continue the conversation into the night while networking and celebrating our community over drinks and canapés!

Meet the Disruptors

THE BUSINESS DISRUPTOR: Hank Paul (they/them)

Hank makes the most of their 32 hours in the day, holding multiple roles as an LGBTQIA+ advocate, social entrepreneur, writer, podcaster and public speaker (not to mention an award-winning photographer). Having been their own boss since they were 18, Hank has worked at the forefront of social impact and inclusion, delivering broadly across business and LGBTQIA+ sectors. With their unique perspective and passion for inclusion, Hank continues to inspire and captivate business leaders around the world.

“I’m proud to be named the 2024 LGBTQIA+ Business Disruptor and carry on Michael’s legacy of service to our community through impactful entrepreneurship,” said Hank. “We all have people like Michael Glynn to thank for their role in disrupting and redefining what it means to celebrate our LGBTQIA+ identities.

“The business landscape has evolved and consumers want brands that speak to their values and make them feel like they belong. With my business partner, Polly, I founded TheyConnect out of the belief that LGBTQIA+ deserve to feel safe, seen and celebrated: no matter if we’re opening a new bank account, getting our hair cut, or going out to dinner with friends. 

“To the businesses that are dipping their toes into LGBTQ+ inclusion, I encourage you to be bold, authentic and disruptive, just like Michael Glynn.”

THE MEDIA DISRUPTOR: Patrick Abboud (he/him)

Pat is a Walkley-winning investigative journalist, writer, director, and presenter, named the 2023 Freelance Journalist of the Year. Pat’s 2024 groundbreaking film, ‘Welcome to Gayrabia’ for ABC TV continues to garner critical acclaim.

Pat’s 2023 film for SBS’s premium documentary strand ‘Australia Uncovered: Kids Raising Kids’ was nominated for Best Documentary at AIDC 2023. Pat was also nominated for Best Director at the 2023 Australian Directors Guild Awards.

Pat is the co-creator and host of genre bending queer true crime podcast, ‘The Greatest Menace: Inside The Gay Prison Experiment’ for Audible. The podcast has won 19 international awards, including The Grand Jury Prize & Podcast of the Year in London. Formerly at SBS TV, Pat founded ‘The Feed’, hosted & directed the Mardi Gras live TV broadcast and was a foreign correspondent for Dateline.

Recently, his production company, Only Human, signed a global deal with Dreamchaser Studios to produce Pat’s new slate of TV & streaming projects. 

On being named the LGBTQIA+ Media Disruptor Award, Pat says, ““It’s such a privilege to be receiving this award in Glynn’s honour. What a legend he was…so ahead of his time creating spaces for authentic queer representation and impactful storytelling. I love that he was a bit naughty and pushed boundaries. He found new ways to get people’s attention and how his creative open spirit forged beautiful community connections. The impact of his  work lives on in the years that SSO and the SGLBA have been running.”

Meet the MC: Chloe Sargeant (she/they)

Chloe is a Melbourne-based writer, editor, and radiantly queer scallywag who proudly hails from the northern suburbs of South Australia.

Chloe is the Managing Editor of Star Observer, and their writing has been published by SBS, ABC, Sydney Morning Herald,, Junkee,, Broadsheet, Vogue Italia, Rip It Up, and more.

Chloe won Journalist of the Year at the 2017 Australian LGBTI Awards, and has also been awarded a Valories Award from The Gender Centre for her reporting on trans and gender-diverse issues.

You can find tickets to The Glynn Legacy event here.

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