Why gay comedian Josh Thomas cherishes his best friend

Why gay comedian Josh Thomas cherishes his best friend

HE may be one of Australia’s most popular comedians and an emerging star in the US, but like so many of us, Josh Thomas cherishes his pet dog.

“I have one, John,” he said.

“I bought him when I was 20. He relies on me to keep him alive and happy, which is a pretty big responsibility.

“No one else would put that much trust in me.”

Thomas has been in the spotlight for several years, and his TV show Please Like Me has not only had two successful seasons but it also garnered an Emmy nomination in the US.

And throughout the rise of his career, John — a cavalier spaniel and poodle cross — has been by his side.

“He’s been the only consistent part of my life since I was 20, he’s watched me make a lot of bad choices. He’s always very forgiving,” Thomas said.

“I just really like having him around.

“John is the best.”

Josh Thomas and his Cavoodle John
Josh Thomas and his Cavoodle John


However, he also said John was sometimes the instigator of embarrassing moments.

“Before my first boyfriend Tom was my boyfriend, he stayed at my house in Brisbane while doing gigs there. John was a puppy at the time,” Thomas recalled.

“John shat on his bed.

“I am not sure if that is being helpful.”

The Star Observer asked if he had any tips on responsible pet ownership.

“I don’t know? John and I just winged it together,” Thomas said.

“I try to make sure he has food and water and company, sometimes I take him to the park. I don’t let him on the road.”

As for his best dog joke?

“I used to do this silly joke about John: ‘He’s 50 per cent cavalier spaniel, 50 per cent poodle — 100 per cent gangsta.’

“Then I used it once in downtown LA and felt all weird because, like — there were gangstas nearby. And it’s really bad, like properly not funny. The audience laughed… I couldn’t work out if I was being offensive? Who cares.”

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18 responses to “Why gay comedian Josh Thomas cherishes his best friend”

  1. Why gay comedian josh Thomas cherishes his best friend.
    That’s the headline.
    It’s got absolutely nothing to do with his sexual orientation and that’s the head line.
    I hate this.

  2. Beautiful article however, does he really need to be called a “gay” comedian, can’t he just be a comedian… Sexuality has nothing to do with how funny he is… Keep up the good work josh, my partner and I are massive fans!