A Reluctant Gay Dude’s Guide to Modern Gay Vernacular

A Reluctant Gay Dude’s Guide to Modern Gay Vernacular

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IN honour of the premiere of HBO’s Looking, openly-gay comedian Eliot Glazer has posted a video on YouTube looking at certain slang words and catch phrases that have become popular within the gay community.

In the video, Glazer he walks viewers through his Reluctant Gay Dude’s Guide to Modern Gay Vernacular.

While some of the slang does not really exist in Australian English in general, a lot of the words can be heard within the Australian gay sub-culture. Nonetheless, readers have nothing to fear as Star Observer will not be featuring any headlines containing phrases like “hot mess” or “fierce” any time in the future.

Enjoy the Video:

h/t: out magazine / youtube

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One response to “A Reluctant Gay Dude’s Guide to Modern Gay Vernacular”

  1. Hi there, I really love the way you have simplified this page. It’s so simple even I can find my way around here. Great Mag must have great content… you have that… My Fav’ was Elliot Glazer … there was one song he sang and I would give my right arm ( no I wouldn’t ) to have a copy of it. Hope he is on ITunes.. was such a lovely song.
    Rounding up, this is informative, without the lectures. Starobserver is so much more fun to read on your pad on the bus so you block in the strictly straight guy near the window…. open your IPad and start reading where you were ( I want more than one man in the bedroom ). He is going to start grabbing his crutch any moment or he will have to squeeze past me, pretending he is straight ( yeah, with a boner on ) So now you have it, that is why I love to read in public….hahaha
    Really professional look and feel guys and gurls , you have done a great job!!