TV’s Teen Wolf adds another Gay Character

TV’s Teen Wolf adds another Gay Character

FOR season four of TV show Teen Wolf, American website TV Line has revealed its producers were currently casting a new role for the show of an “out-and-proud, funny, witty and handsome athlete” for Beacon Hills High School.

The character will become the school’s new star lacrosse player, and will play along the show’s other gay characters Danny (Keahu Kahuanui) and twin Ethan (Charlie Carver).

The new charter is also expected to be connected to some of the show’s supernatural elements as well.

Teen Wolf, which currently airs on FOX8, has a well-documented homoerotic subtext to the show, according to the show’s fans and several dedication videos, such as the Best of Homoerotic Teen Wolf Moments videos that have surfaced on YouTube.



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