Hey Gaymers!: No Man’s Sky, Monster Hunter GU, We Happy Few

Hey Gaymers!: No Man’s Sky, Monster Hunter GU, We Happy Few

It might not be a brand new game on the block, but it is worth starting a conversation about the upcoming re-release of No Man’s Sky.

Previously only available as a PlayStation exclusive, we will now see it playable on Xbox One.

When it was released two years ago it was a shell of a game—no features, a mellow story, and a planetary design—lacking any real reason to play it for more than a few hours.

However, the game’s latest update gives us a huge array of new features including online multiplayer mode, killer visuals, and the ability to build command freighters; all things we should have had two years ago.

It feels great to note that the developers of this game did not give up on the worthy title, and for any of you who own the original game: the updated features are completely free.

I’ve also started to keep an eye on the PlayStation and Xbox game We Happy Few, after only recently watching the trailer.

It looks like a strange acid trip, and the game is unique in that you get to play as three different characters who each have a different perspectives living in a dystopian town names Wellington Wells.

If you’re not sold, it’s definitely worth watching the trailer to see the violent, drug-induced gameplay that leads you to break free from conformity in this reimagined 1960s nightmare.

Any Monster Hunter fans out there are probably drooling for the long-awaited western release of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (that’s a bloody mouthful) on Nintendo Switch.

Previously only released in Asia, fans are finally getting to experience the debut of this incredible series.

The game is promised to have one of the largest rosters of monsters to hunt yet and if you’re a newcomer, the best way to describe this is as an action packed role playing game that will leave you breathless with its incredible design.

While it might not be as visually beautiful as Monster Hunter World, the gameplay will make up for it.

I’m not sure if I’ll make it to next month as this backlog of addictive games will surely destroy me.

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