Are guys with red hair better in bed? We already know they’re gorgeous, but our resident expert Nathan Smith (pictured above) gives us the skinny on some other fun facts.

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Ginger, fanta pants, fire crotch, bluey.

Whatever you call us, redheads have no doubt taken the world and mass media by storm. Both science and urban myths have piqued curiosities everywhere, and for some lucky lovers, piqued lusty endeavours as well, given studies have suggested redheads are better in bed.

With that, let’s dispel myths with five fun and titillating facts about those of the ginger persuasion.

Do redheads require more anaesthesia?

I know… you want to hear the sexy facts. But what’s sexier than a little science to get us warmed up? A scientific interest in redheads and their differences became apparent when geneticists began talking about the MC1R gene that apparently gave redheads a high pain threshold and a resistance to anaesthesia medications.

While there is some evidence to support this idea, redheads behave much the same as anyone when influenced by the drugs. That said, females were shown to have far more resistance to anaesthesia than any others. Now there’s some red hot girl power for you.

Are redheads really that rare?

Reports have said for some time that us crimson wonders are actually going extinct. Well, rest easy in the knowledge this is not the case. Again, a little sexy science should explain. A redheaded child is born when both parents are carrying the gene themselves.

While these parents need not be redheads themselves, the mere presence of the gene means there’s at least a 25 per cent chance they’ll produce a redheaded baby. Safe to say they aren’t vanishing from the planet any time soon.

Do they have a higher pain threshold?

Sticks and stone, and whips and canes… can we take it? There is evidence to suggest that our genetics have some impact on how our nervous system responds and perceives physical pain. As for the emotional types out there, pain is pain, and redheads certainly feel it the same as anyone.

That said, a tougher skin is something many redheads carry, after being persecuted as witches between the 14th and 16th Centuries, being taunted in modern schoolyards, and our propensity for Carrie-style revenge; toughening up is a major trait.

Do we have monstrous members?

This is where things get interesting, and a little personal. Draw the curtains, put the kids to bed, get out your rulers, and play me some Barry White. So, I have what you would say, more than a tinge of the ginge in my minge, and am constantly asked if redheads have bigger penises than other men.

On Grindr or Scruff, at a gay bar, or in the shopping centre car park… regardless of where, I always get asked. Hate to break it to you but, statistically, our penises are not bigger. You can’t even argue that it’s due to the Irish heritage as on average Irish men measure up to 12.7cm, 12th largest on the world scale.

Are we really better in bed?

There is no proof or study to support this, but it has been said that redheads are more sensitive to touch, which in turn would appear to mean that we reach climax easier. Personally, sex is sex, how good you are at it has nothing to do with your hair colour or whether you bring an MC1R gene to your next orgy. Great sex is about owning who you are, and always striving to find pleasure with yourself or another. Keep it fun, keep it explorative, and remember… we’re all delicious in our own special ways.

Now with all that said and done, call me if you want to see how hot and heavy the sheets get with a redhead.

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