Queer as Folk creator gets new series

Queer as Folk creator gets new series

Russell T. Davies, the man behind the original British series of Queer as Folk, is creating a new show about gay men.

Best known these days for his work on BBC’s Doctor Who and Torchwood series, Davies’ next television project will be called ‘Cucumber’ and is currently in development between Davies and BBC Worldwide Productions.

It’s reported that the show will focus on older gay men rather than the bright young things who were central to the story of Queer as Folk.

It will air on the US’s Showtime network. There’s no word on where or when it might air in Australia, but with a name like ‘Cucumber’, we’re intrigued to see what Davies comes up with.

In the mean time, you can see Davies’ other famous bisexual character, Captain Jack, on Torchwood, currently airing on Foxtel’s UKTV.

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