DA Lodged To Demolish Site Of Sydney’s 357 Gay Sauna

DA Lodged To Demolish Site Of Sydney’s 357 Gay Sauna
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A development application has been lodged to demolish the site of Sydney’s 357 Gay Sauna and construct an 18-storey hotel. 

Lodged with the City of Sydney on May 11th, the $58 million development application proposes to demolish the existing building while retaining the existing facade. 

It also includes excavating an additional basement level “to enable construction of a new building with a maximum height of [18 storeys] for hotel, and food and drink premises at ground floor and vehicular and loading access from Sussex Street.”

If Approved 357 Will Move To New Location

But rest assured, according to Co-owners Ty Dovans and Luke Frappell, if the proposed development application is approved, 357 Sauna will move to a new location. If being the key word. 

In a conversation with Star Observer, Dovans said, “the most important thing to know about this is, it’s not confirmed and it may not happen.” 

If it does, however, Dovans said, “we’re gonna build the most amazing sauna that the city has ever seen. We have a site that we already know we want to go to, which we can’t disclose. We’ve already designed that plan and everything and we’re going with the business; nothing’s going to change.”

He added, “If we are moving, we will build a world-class venue and if we don’t move we will renovate to the same level, over the coming year.” 

Not The First Time Developers Have Shown Interest In The Site

“This isn’t the first time this has happened either,” Frappell added. “We’ve had a few developers knock on the door over the last couple of years.” 

Either way, Dovans assures, “we’re here for pride and we’re here for Mardi Gras.” 

He concluded, “We’ve got a lot of stuff planned for Pride and Mardi Gras and we want to be there for everybody.”

As soon as they know anything they will let the community know via Facebook and Instagram. 

357 Sauna has been around since December 26, 2001, and prides itself on being an inclusive space. 

According to their website, “Whether you are aged 18 or 80, smooth or hairy, 300kg or 50kg, Black, White, Asian or Caucasian … whatever … you are welcome at 357.”

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