Eddie Redmayne Playing Cabaret’s Emcee At The Tonys Cops Heavy Critique

Eddie Redmayne Playing Cabaret’s Emcee At The Tonys Cops Heavy Critique
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Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne has ignited heated debate across social media, with plenty left horrified (or very, very confused) by his exaggeratedly theatrical performance of iconic character The Emcee from Cabaret at the Tony Awards.

Some compared his performance style to a “goblin” or Pennywise the Clown.

The whole spectacle was roasted online.

EJ Baker tweeted: “Is it possible to have someone’s Oscar revoked (this is an Eddie redmayne tweet)”

Widespread criticism

“Eddie Redmayne in Cabaret is my new sleep paralysis demon. jesus christ,” opined Spencer Althouse.

Lawg0d questioned: “Why is Eddie Redmayne playing the emcee in Cabaret like he’s a goblin?”

DMac joked: “Great to see that Eddie Redmayne’s failed audition for The Hobbit didn’t go to waste.”

Charlie piped in with: “The new cabaret hurts me to watch,” adding: “I saw someone say he moves like a tiktok cosplayer and I can’t stop thinking about it”

Plenty of people stood up for Redmayne

Others rushed to Redmayne’s defence.

Ben Stiller responded: “It’s a brilliant performance.”

Danyal Shani 2.0 shrugged: “Everyone is dunking on this, but if you told me “this is considered EXTREMELY good in the musical theatre world” I would have just believed you.”

Dana Abercrombie was a fan: “Y’all will NEVAH get me to hate eddie redmayne. This. Is. Camp. This. Is. The. Kit. Kat. Club.”

Jenny Nicholson pointed out: “People are roasting him but if he did this on TikTok to an electroswing song while dressed like hazbin hotel he’d have like 40 million views”

Prior versions of Cabaret

Other users chimed in with the mixed feelings some had based on prior loved versions of Cabaret.

One X user summed up: “I love cabaret so much and I truly do not understand what Eddie Redmayne is doing as emcee.”

Michele Rosenthal threw in: “So for me, the thing that is missing from Eddie Redmayne’s performance is the *queerness.*”

Is The Emcee in Cabaret supposed to creep you out?

The performance left many divided, which led some to question viewers’ knowledge of Cabaret.

Victorian Gothic Stewart argued semantics: “the point of the Cabaret is that people ignore politics to come to the Cabaret but the horror finds them anyway. If, in the first number, there’s a crazy clown, you’re not forgetting anything.”

Beloved Emcees that came before Redmayne

Others hearkened back to other beloved performances, such as Joel Grey or Alan Cummings.

“I’m not sure what that was supposed to be but it’s kind of atrocious. Anyway, here’s Alan Cumming in Cabaret in 1993,” wrote Kemeiun Rex.

Mattie Watkins griped: “Maybe I’m spoiled by Joel Gray [sic] and Alan Cummings but the Eddie Redmayne version with his “marionette” movements is trying too hard.”

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2 responses to “Eddie Redmayne Playing Cabaret’s Emcee At The Tonys Cops Heavy Critique”

  1. I love it when the innate queerness of CABARET is interpreted now as ‘ too queer’ for the pearls and cardigan cohort AND the sanitised queer team itself.
    Let it rip Eddie, scare the drawers off them.

  2. Very French, very Pierrotesque, not really German at all.
    Badly filmed, for a stage number, doesn’t help.
    Was it the choice of Rebecca Frecknall, Julia Cheng or Eddie Redmayne ?