The fifth of the body’s seven energy centres is the throat chakra. This is the centre of creative expression and it relates to issues of communication, speech and hearing.
The throat chakra plays an important role in bringing balance to the chakras above and below the heart and head. When head and heart are working in harmony we’re able to express ourselves clearly and make choices that reflect our heart’s desire. Yet often either the heart or head takes over, leading to a tug-of-war between emotions and what’s practical and logical.
If a throat chakra is blocked or unhealthy it can be hard to speak your truth, resulting in miscommunication and arguments. Physical manifestations of an imbalance here can include sore throats, gum and mouth issues, laryngitis, thyroid issues and teeth grinding at night. Incidentally, if you’re prone to teeth grinding, try rolling up a towel, then bite down on it and growl like a dog for up to a minute each night before bed. You’ll find that this helps release tension and clear the chakra to help you stop grinding.
Emotionally we can become judgmental and critical when we’re not balanced in the throat chakra — another reflection of an inability to speak lovingly from the heart. Sometimes we can sense when the throat chakra is unbalanced, and if you’ve ever felt like your throat’s tight or constricted when you’re trying to communicate something important, it’s an indication of a blockage. Try this trick to help clear it. Get into the ocean, stick your head underwater and scream. You can also try this at home with a pillow, or under water in the bath.
To keep this area open and healthy on a sexual level practise communicating during sex. Expressing your desires can be empowering and lead to a sex life where fantasy can become reality. Also try giving yourself permission to moan and make noises and see how verbalising can enhance your experience.
Sound is also linked with the movement of sexual energy. If you’ve ever been with someone who’s naturally vocal in bed, you’ll probably have noticed that the noises they make rise in pitch and volume as they approach orgasm. This is a sign that sexual energy is moving up from the lower chakras to the higher, more ecstatic ones. You can manipulate and help this energy on its way by allowing the tone of your noises to rise during sex to help with the flow of energy. So get vocal and enjoy some oral sex of a whole new kind.

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