Former Neighbours Star Holly Valance Hosts Fundraiser For Donald Trump

Former Neighbours Star Holly Valance Hosts Fundraiser For Donald Trump
Image: Holly Valance and her husband Nick Candy (left) enjoyed dinner with former US president Donald Trump and conservative former British politician Nigel Farage. Via X, formerly Twitter in April 2022.

Former Neighbours star Holly Valance has made shockwaves by reportedly hosting a fundraiser for former US President Donald Trump. The actress has raised more than $3 million ($2 million USD) for the Republican presidential candidate’s 2024 White House campaign.

Tickets started at $10,000 USD ($15 137.75 AUD) , with dinner for a couple costing up to $100,000 USD. The evening was marketed as a reception dinner celebrating the visit of Donald Trump Jr. and his fiancée, former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle, to London.

Holly Valance hosted the event at the Chelsea mansion owned by herself and her billionaire property tycoon husband, Nick Candy. According to British reports, the event attracted over 100 guests. 

Guests at Valance’s fundraiser included Nigel Farage, boxer Derek Chisora and billionaire financier Howard Lutnick. 

Leader of Britain’s right-wing populist political party Nigel Farage called the event a “Holly Party”.

“You can guarantee it’s going to be enormous fun”, Farage said. 

Holly Valance’s Political Controversies

The actress-turned-political-activist has sparked controversy with her right-wing views and open support for politicians including Nigel Farage. Valance portrayed schoolgirl Felicity “Flick” Scully on the Neighbours in (1999–2002) and Nika Volek in Prison Break (2005–2006). 

In February at Popular Conservatism (PopCon’s) event this year, Valance told GB News: “I would say that everyone starts as a leftie and then wakes up at some point after you start either making money, working, trying to run a business, trying to buy a home, and then realise what crap ideas they all are. And then you go to the right.”

PopCon is described as “a new movement aiming to restore democratic accountability to Britain and deliver popular conservative policies.”

In the same interview, she expressed support for conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, suggesting him as a candidate for Prime Minister.

In March, Valance made international waves during a sit-down interview with GB News’ Political Podcast hosted by Chris Hope. She heavily criticised Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg during the interview, calling her a “demonic little gremlin”.  

“And the kids are all coming home with depression and anxiety. Why would you go to your music lesson or bother doing your homework or get out of bed if you think we’re all going to be dead in five years anyway? I mean, ‘They told me in class, Greta told me’”, she said.

Valance further criticised Australia for what she described as its embrace of “woke” culture, and that she had no plans to return.

“I’ll get a ticket within the first two hours of arriving, doing something, parking in the wrong place, going one K over the 30 or 25 K speed limit,” she said.

“The Australia I grew up in was unreal. It was so fun, and we didn’t seem to have all these problems. The woke stuff’s really gone big in Australia”, she said.

Family Division in Politics

Meanwhile, Valance’s younger half-sister Olympia Valance, also a former Neighbours actress, has publicly distanced herself from her older sister’s viewpoints.

“My sister and I have very, very different political views,” Olympia told Pert radio station, HIT WA’s Allan & Carly last month. 

“It was like, ‘Oh my God’ when she said all that stuff,” Olympia said.

“I’m like: ‘Oh God! Everyone’s going to think that that’s what I think!’ And I don’t”, she added. 


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