Former Western Australia Church Member Guilty Of Molesting Several Men

Former Western Australia Church Member Guilty Of Molesting Several Men
Image: Western Australia District Court. Image: Papson Legal/ Facebook

A former Western Australia church member, who was taught homosexuality was “against God’s law,” has been found guilty of molesting several men. 

On Tuesday, November 7, Morris Leonard Deale was found guilty of unlawful and indecent assault of seven young men, the ABC reports.  

During the three-week trial at Western Australia’s District Court, it was revealed Deale would sexually assault victims after drinking with them till they fell asleep.

Deale was found guilty of seven out of the ten sexual assault charges, all involving young men between 17 and 23 years-old. 

At the time of the assaults, the Court was told Deale had been part of a Christian church group in regional WA, that viewed homosexuality as a sin. 

Allegations of the assault were raised within the church group before Deale was approached by a senior pastor member. He had contacted and apologised to the victims, following the complaints.

Denied Any Wrong-Doing

During his testimony, Deale denied any wrong-doing saying he had “honestly and reasonably” believed he had touched the men consensually.  

He told the court he was taught the Bible principles, including “God’s laws” against homosexuality, during his attendance at Sunday schools.

Deale said he is bisexual, and is now married with kids. He also told the court he was still religious, but is no longer with the church group.

He was released on bail and will face court for sentencing next month. 

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