Gay Aussie Designer Aaron Coshaw Passes Away In Zambia

Gay Aussie Designer Aaron Coshaw Passes Away In Zambia
Image: Aaron Coshaw and his partner, Jay Horne. Photo: Jay Horne/Facebook

Award-winning designer and creative director at CRE8 in Cairns, Aaron Coshaw passed away at the top of Victoria Falls, Zambia. He was surrounded by his loving partner, Jay Horne and friends.

Horne expressed his grief at the passing of his partner on Facebook, saying he was “completely dumbfounded, devastated, lost and heart broken.”

“Yesterday afternoon, just after this photo was taken my rock, my guide, my confidant, my partner in life and number 1 support [Aaron Coshaw] passed away at the top of Victoria Falls here in Zambia,” Horne wrote.

“But I am desperately trying to take comfort in the fact that Aaron passed away in such a beautiful location and that he was so excited to tick off number 3 of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World.”

Journey Home

While in grief, Horne is facing the task of bringing Coshaw back home, with the help of local and state members in Cairns, the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Australian Embassy.

Coshaw’s life was full of excitement and remarkable achievements. His work for some of Australia’s popular magazines had created opportunities to work as creative director on shows like Burke’s Backyard and Backyard Blitz. He also created advertising campaigns for News Australia and Australian Radio Network.

He later moved to Cairns and launched the boutique design agency, CRE8 where, despite its small size, relish on its agile and cost effective delivery. Together with his partner, the pair became renowned in the Cairns community.

Coshaw loved giving back to his community, through donating cutting-edge graphic designs to community groups, holding fund-raising events and promoting causes through FNQ Magazine.

Friends Send Their Condolences

Others have expressed their sadness at Coshaw’s death, with singer Greg Gould expressing his shock on Facebook.

“Shocked and saddened to hear Aaron Coshaw is no longer with us,” he wrote.

“My heart and condolences goes to all his family and friends –especially his partner Jay Horne. Wishing you strength and love – I’m so sorry Jay.”


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