Canadian city to paint both rainbow and trans flag crossings

Canadian city to paint both rainbow and trans flag crossings
Image: Photo: Facebook / Lethbridge Pride Fest.

A CANADIAN city will be one of the first in the world to have a trans pride flag painted on a pedestrian crossing.

The Lethbridge Herald reported that Lethbridge, Alberta, will have both a rainbow LGBTI pride flag and a trans pride flag painted on crossings in the city.

Council members voted 8-1 earlier this year in favour of the crossings.

During debate over the new crossings, the council received calls and emails from the public about the issue.

One of the concerns raised was that trans people can be discriminated against by the rest of the queer community.

“We have a marginalised population that further marginalises a smaller sector of their own population,” said councillor Rob Miyashiro.

“Having a crosswalk… is not going to change the general public’s perception of the issues the trans population goes through. What is does though, is it shows that we’re going to support the trans population in the fight that they’re having, and I appreciate that.”

Some of the councillors voting on the new pride crossings changed their stance before deciding to vote yes.

“I thought I understood,” said councillor Liz Iwaskiw. “I did not, and now I do, so I have changed my mind.”

Another councillor said, “When I think about members of the transgender community that I know, I know this means a lot to them. They look to this symbol… and it’s going to say this city welcomes them, that we want to be inclusive, that we’re here for them, and we’re going to fight for their rights.”

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