Pope says LGBTI families aren’t legitimate

Pope says LGBTI families aren’t legitimate

Pope Francis has spoken out against the validity of rainbow families, saying the only real families in God’s eyes are those including a man and a woman.

His comments come as a disappointment to gay Catholics, who may have believed the pope was softening his attitude towards gay people after he was recently reported to have told a gay man that God made him and loved him as he was.

Appearing at an Italian group for Catholic families, the pope made a series of unscripted comments about LGBTI families, abortion and divorce, Pink News has reported.

“It is painful to say this today: People speak of varied families, of various kinds of family… [but] the family [as] man and woman in the image of God is the only one,” Francis said.

The pope spoke in praise of spouses who tolerate cheating from their partners rather than seek divorce.

“Many women—but even men sometimes do it [with wives]—wait in silence, looking the other way, waiting for their husband to become faithful again,” he said.

He compared people having abortion for medical reasons to the Holocaust.

“In the last century, the entire world was scandalised by what the Nazis did to ensure the purity of the race,” said Francis.

“Today we do the same, but with white gloves.”

While the pope had previously made comments suggesting a more liberal attitude towards gay people, he has consistently spoken against the trans community.

Last year he criticised schools that teach gender diversity and acceptance, calling the idea “terrible”.

He has also specifically attacked non-binary people and the “utopia of the neutral”, suggesting that questioning binary gender roles would lead to a breakdown of relationships and even fertility between men and women.

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4 responses to “Pope says LGBTI families aren’t legitimate”

  1. And just what the hell would this failed pope know about families?
    This is the man who gave people around the world such hope that at last the Roman Catholic Church would join the 21st Century.
    What a disappointment he has been!
    This is the man who allows fugitives from Justice across the world to hide in perfect safety within the Vatican. Mostly men who have been charged with horrific Sexual and Physical crimes against Children.
    Pope Francis, The Hypocrite of Hypocrites, has condemned his employees – be they Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, Priests, Brothers, Sisters, Nuns etc. – for their criminal activities against Children, yet he protects them by allowing them to stay in Vatican State – a State which has no Extradition treaties with any other State.
    When is he going to order them all to return to those countries in which they are wanted on Criminal Charges?
    Until he does so he is every bit as guilty as any of them for he is colluding in harbouring crimials.

  2. 1. Go read your Bible Francis, more than a few types of families there.
    2. The Vatican has no place opining on the Holocaust.
    3. Family and marriage advice from an 80-something celibate? Please.

  3. Re: Popes LGBTI Families are’nt legitmate. l don’t think the Catholic Church has the moral aithority to lecture anyone on legitimacy..afterall according to Genesis the first family had nothing but sons (Cane, Abel and Seth)..yet curiously human reproduction still occurred to continue family lineage..lets talk abiut legitimacy shall we?…apparently incest is ok but LGBTI is’nt lol

  4. LOL – Do not be misled. The universal Christian line to everyone is “God loves you just as you are”. Doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done. It’s that whole “Love the sinner, but hate the sin” line. That doesn’t equate to getting into heaven though. For that you have to repent, convert, go to confession and do away with your abominable homosexual lifestyle. It’s still officially a disorder as far as Catholic theology is concerned regardless of nice words from the Pontiff’s mouth.