Gay rapper Le1f slams racism on Grindr

Gay rapper Le1f slams racism on Grindr
Image: Image of Le1f: Instagram.

US rapper Le1f has shared on social media some of the racist abuse he received on Grindr.

Apparently received during his New Zealand and Australia tour, the message was in response to Le1f’s not answering an initial greeting on the hookup app.

“I’m being hella loose and casual on [Instagram] these days but I think y’all should never not see what it’s like to be black,” Le1f posted.

He attached a screenshot of the Grindr message.

“Clearly you are a thick-as-shit-looking n—– from your photo, so you probably barely speak English; but if you ever do get an education and quit your addiction to getting stoned, then you might learn how to have a conversation. You ugly n—–,” the message reads.

The post, having made its point, appears now to have been deleted.

Racism, perhaps especially on Grindr, is a well-recognised problem for queer people of colour in Australia.

Last month Le1f also took to social media to accuse Melbourne airport staff of racial profiling.

“A customs security [officer] at Melbourne Airport who’s been singling me out when I enter Australia just did it again,” he tweeted.

“I said as a black man, I go through it a lot. He said, ‘Keep using that black stuff on me, and I’ll report you to my supervisor’ and that he’ll make my life harder.”

Le1f said he frequently experiences “blatant racism” when visiting Australia.

He has announced this is to be his final Australian tour.

After playing Auckland Pride last month, Le1f is set to appear this Saturday night at the Oxford Arts Factory’s Mardi Gras Xtravaganza in Sydney.

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  1. yeah completely unsurprised. Just another day yesterday as me and the hubby wondering through a store, it was obvious who the Store D was following when we got distracted by different aisles, me yet again… Treaty Now Australia, this sh*t needs to move along…