Shakira changes pace

Shakira changes pace

The last time we heard Shakira on the Australian airwaves, she was singing Waka Waka.

Since then the diva has been busy promoting a mostly Spanish language album to the rest of the world.

Colombia’s second best export – behind coffee (no, we’re not supposed to mention the other one!) – scored a massive European hit with the first single from that album and has just unveiled a 50-second preview of the second single.

Sale el SolThe Sun Comes Out in English – is a change of pace for Shakira.

A pretty, guitar driven ballad, the song showcases the popstar’s softer side – which is reflected in the glamorous video.

Shakira basically wanders around a sun-drenched labyrinth looking beautiful in flowing gown.

Amusingly, the video doubles as an advertisement for Freixenet – a Spanish sparkling wine company.


Via Idolator.

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