Amazon is selling a straight pride badge and people hate it

Amazon is selling a straight pride badge and people hate it
Image: Photo: 1000 Flags.

Online retail giant Amazon is selling a “straight pride flag” badge, and the internet can’t believe how awful it is.

The flag, bearing various shades of beige, has copped plenty of criticism since it came to the public’s attention.

Some social media users have gone straight to picking on how ugly the flag is, calling it “tacky” and “sinfully boring”.

“Why does every ‘straight pride flag’ look completely awful,” tweeted one person.

“The ‘straight pride’ flag is so hilariously beige I’d say it’s a meta commentary on the unoriginal staidness of heterosexuality, if I believed any straight person could understand that,” wrote another.

A few were able to put their fingers on exactly what it reminded them of.

“This isn’t a flag, it’s a Dulux colour chart,” posted one unimpressed commenter.

“The irony of a straight pride flag looking like an eyeshadow palette,” quipped another.

Still others thought it looked like a bland salmon filet or a cake slice.

Design jabs aside, the badge has raised plenty of criticism over a straight pride flag existing in the first place.

“Someone invented a straight pride flag, cause you guys need awareness and can’t even show simple acts of affection in public without a danger of having your head stamped on,” said one sarcastic tweeter.

“When straight people have been bullied, hated, discriminated against, beaten or killed merely for being straight, then they have earned the right to an identification logo of their own branding,” wrote another.

Conspicously absent from social media is anyone posting about liking or buying the straight pride badge.

The Amazon seller, 1000 Flags, also sells rainbow pride flags and badges, as well as various national and other flags.

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