French Vogue features trans model on its cover for the first time

French Vogue features trans model on its cover for the first time

ICONIC fashion magazine Vogue has featured trans model Valentina Sampaio on the cover of next month’s French edition, a first for the publication.

The Brazilian model appears on the cover of the magazine with the caption: ‘transgender beauties: how they change the world’.

Deciding to put her on the cover of the French issue in particular is also worth noting, as in France a majority of magazines are sold on newsstands rather than by subscriptions.

The move also makes the French edition of Vogue the first magazine in the country to feature a trans model on its cover.

In her editor’s letter, Emmanuelle Alt compared Sampaio to supermodel Gisele Bündchen.

“She is the absolute equal of Gisele,” she wrote.

“Apart from one small detail: Valentine, the femme fatale, was born a boy.

‘It’s a ubiquitous detail in these women’s lives that they didn’t ask for and a detail one imagines they want to forget.

“But Valentina is on the cover of Vogue this month, not just for her looks or her sparkling personality, but because despite herself she embodies an age-old, arduous struggle to be recognised and not to be perceived as something other, a gender exile.”

In a report by NewNowNext, Alt said we’re living in a world at the moment where we’re stepping back.

“Instead of being in a constant evolution, which is what should happen, human rights… they’re not going in a good direction,” she said.

“This cover is about the importance of those rights and that we still need to make progress on an awful lot of stuff.”

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