Unfortunately it seems OK for the Red Cross to actively discriminate [SSO 990].
After all gay men still cannot donate blood because we are “too high risk of HIV”. Of course everyone with HIV is gay. No one straight has unprotected sex.
I wasn’t even allowed to donate blood when I was a virgin. I must be able to get HIV by osmosis. Disgusting in this day and age when they are whining about the need for blood donors.
To quote Kaz Cooke, “Get a grip people — and I don’t mean a new handbag.”
— Martin
ACON is preparing a training package on HIV awareness for an organisation in the business of blood supply? Is there something wrong with this scenario?
Shouldn’t the Red Cross already be on top of this issue? It’s 2009, for Christ’s sake.
No wonder they don’t allow monogamous gay men to donate blood. Their knowledge of transmission of infectious diseases is seriously lacking. I hope their knowledge and practice is up to date in other areas.
­— Josh
I donated $500 to the Red Cross last year and I feel sick about it after reading this.
Next time I’ll find a charity that’s knowledgeable and non-discriminatory. Shocking.
— John
I’m appalled by the Red Cross once again. It angers me every time they beg for blood donors and refuse to accept mine.
I’ve always had regular blood tests and am in a long-term monogamous relationship, but it seems my blood isn’t good enough.
I live in the city and am sick of being accosted by Red Cross volunteers and their clipboards wanting to sign me up for regular direct debits from my account. I tell them if my blood isn’t good enough then neither is my money.
— Patrick
Doctors can have HIV and work.
The Australian Red Cross has a culture of hate towards people who are gay. If they implemented their policy of non-discrimination I think the CEO and board would have to resign.
This was best expressed in Tasmania where the Red Cross told a hearing about discrimination that most of us have unsafe sex and heterosexuals do not. The Australian Christian Lobby has been quoting them. The Red Cross focus on the sexuality and not the risky behaviour of those giving blood.
If you donate your organs when you die, often it cannot be established if you are gay, so your organs are transplanted with your blood.
That is the great irony about the Red Cross discrimination. It is not based on reality, just a culture of hate, pure and utter hate of people who are gay.
The Red Cross had a test for blood but chose not to use it to save money. They were the ones who, to save a few dollars on the test, exposed people to HIV. Let us not forget the early days of AIDS and what the Red Cross did.
Rather than deal with facts and science, the Red Cross has a history of operating in ignorance. We should all be outraged at any hint of discrimination. The Red Cross has refused to address the culture they have, from the board down.
Risky behaviour exists in the heterosexual community, and the facts are they do not get tested as much as we do.
— Dave
A lack of education is the cause and when working with the Red Cross you would expect to be dealing with all walks of life with all sorts of conditions, diseases, contraindications, flus, colds … the list can go on forever with ‘things to fear’.
How sad. I have seen the effect on these two lovelies involved and to say I was pissed is an understatement.
This situation has been incredibly helpful as staff have been trained as they should have been all along. Bless the one who copped the brunt of this, It was an emotional turmoil for them but the outcome is fab.
Smiles all round to a happy, educated and accepting future with the Red Cross which is so necessary with the work they do. One great step I say.
— Richy

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