Lil Nas X Shows Off In Spicy Insta-Story Selfie

Lil Nas X Shows Off In Spicy Insta-Story Selfie

After wrapping up the Australian leg of his ‘Long Live Montero’ tour in January, Lil Nas X is keeping his name on everyone’s lips with his seductive social media presence.

On March 2, the musician posted a mirror selfie to his Instagram story, showcasing his luxurious robe, moon boots and… not much else. Fans were quick to froth over the overt *ahem* outline in his grey, Nike boxers, with one fan tweeting, ‘It’s looking straight at me.’

Despite the musician deciding to delete the post, screenshots had already been tweeted across the globe. Most fans thirsted after the scrumptious selfie, ‘My LEGS are DIVORCING.’

Others responded to POP Crave’s repost of the story that captioned the photo as ‘handsome’, ‘Love that they used the word “handsome” to describe what’s essentially a grindr profile pic.’

Lil Nas X. Image: Facebook

A critical minority also emerged, with one responder critiquing the Rapper for capitalising off of his sex appeal, ‘Only talentless artists do this.’

But devoted followers were quick to shut down the criticism, ‘Not you bringing down another gay man. A black gay man at that… very weird.’

Lil Nas X has never shied away from being transparent with his audience, even sharing a tweet coming out as ‘a little bisexual’ earlier this year. This is also not the first time the Grammy-award winner has posted a promiscuous photo, sharing bathtub nude selfies late last year with ‘strategically placed bubbles.’

The American rapper rose to fame for his 2019 hit ‘Old Time Road’ and quickly became a mainstay in the LGBT community after revealing he was a member of the LGBT community on Twitter that same year.

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