Anti-marriage equality org rebrands as anti-trans group Binary Australia

Anti-marriage equality org rebrands as anti-trans group Binary Australia

Anti-marriage equality lobby group Marriage Alliance has rebranded as Binary Australia to fight against rights for trans, gender diverse and intersex Australians.

Binary Australia’s website describes the organisation as being “concerned with the role that gender plays in our society. We affirm the fact that gender is binary. Male and female.”

Established last month under the company name Gender Awareness Australia Ltd, Binary Australia is the pet project of Marriage Alliance’s Kirralie Smith, who is now a Senate candidate for Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives party.

“Our organisation aims to promote and celebrate the inherent differences between boys and girls, men and women,” the website reads.

“We uphold the biological assertion that there are two complementary genders.

“Binary exists to challenge the aggressive agenda to de-gender our society in the areas of education, health, military, business, politics and the law.

“Binary will protect our children from those who would seek to indoctrinate them with programs designed to promote the LGBTI agenda while bullying anyone who opposes it.”

Though Marriage Alliance’s Facebook page retains that organisation’s name, the handle and profile picture have been changed to reflect Binary Australia’s branding.

In the wake of last year’s postal survey result, Marriage Alliance said the Yes vote was due to “the huge media bias against the ‘No’ campaign'” and against supporters of “true marriage”.

In June, Marriage Alliance’s spokesperson Sophie York announced that she would become the Australian Conservatives’ lead Senate candidate in New South Wales.

York, who infamously suggested that same-sex marriage could instead be called “garriage”, appeared in No campaign advertisements and used the postal survey to scaremonger about “radical gender ideas” being taught in schools.

In a video posted on what is now Binary’s Facebook page, Marriage Alliance’s Damien Wyld introduces Smith and Binary Australia while reflecting on Marriage Alliance’s “achievements that we’ve achieved” which presumably includes losing the postal survey.

“While Marriage Alliance’s work may be over, something new is definitely needed to keep the struggle going forward,” Wyld says.

“For years now, I have been campaigning right alongside many of you to defend the role that gender plays in our society, and to protect our kids form those who would seek to indoctrinate them with rubbish like Safe Schools,” Smith says.

Smith says that one of Binary’s primary aims is “defending kids from extremists and their agendas.”

Another name behind the organisation is James Parker, a man who claims to have left the “gay lifestyle” and who advocated against marriage equality and the “aggressive, fundamentalist doctrine of gay ideology” during last year’s postal survey.

“Right now, a powerful group of radicals are fighting to redefine what is male and female – and they want to infiltrate our children’s classrooms with their subversive message,” the post accompanying Wyld’s video reads.

“Binary is going to pick up the mantle from Marriage Alliance and carry on the fight for traditional values that celebrate the inherent differences between boys and girls, men and women.”

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7 responses to “Anti-marriage equality org rebrands as anti-trans group Binary Australia”

  1. What a couple of Neanderthals. Love is love, regardless of gender. This is 2018 not 1918. Get with progress. Don’t vote these hate mongers in. Hate & division has no place in modern society.

  2. These are really despicable people! All the Binary mob want to do is create hatred and division in Australian society. In spite of their claimed ‘christian’ point-of-view, they have very little regard for others who don’t agree with them. They are not accepting of others in different relationships or with ‘non-binary’ gender identification. We can really do without these types of groups which really only exploit division and disregard for others. Don’t vote for any of them next year . . . particularly anyone associated with Mr Misogynist Bernardi and his ilk!

  3. We do not need another under-educated theologist in the Senate. Don’t vote this hateful person in, you’ll regret it later, kids.

  4. Isn’t it ironic that Christianity, the movement that started from love compassion and acceptance, has degenerated into a cesspool of hatred bigotry and discrimination.
    The bible said that the Antichrist would be what we least expected. Maybe the Antichrist is modern Christianity.

  5. These folks are literally claiming that intersex people and genetic mosaicism DO NOT EXIST IN NATURE.

    Nature doesn’t give a shit what they think, as the well established existence of intersex creatures including humans tends to prove.

    They may as well be the 1 plus 1 equals 3 party. That’s literally the intelligence level they are operating at.