Aussie gamer plans marathon charity stream benefiting trans youth to spite Mark Latham

Aussie gamer plans marathon charity stream benefiting trans youth to spite Mark Latham

Australian gamer Totes Vidya has announced plans to stream himself playing video games for 24 hours to raise money for Parents of Gender Diverse Children (PGDC) – and to spite Mark Latham.

Totes Vidya – real name Harrison Engstrom – will stream himself playing Tony Hawk skateboarding games from 9pm AEDT tonight on streaming platform Twitch, a hugely popular service where gamers build communities around their shared love of video games.

Engstrom says he spent the past week researching Australian charities benefiting trans and gender diverse youth before setting on PGDC.

The Totes Vidya #FarkMark stream follows in the footsteps of another streamer, Hbomberguy, who last week raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for UK charity Mermaids which has been repeatedly attacked by noted anti-transgender campaigner and former comedy writer Graham Linehan.

On January 21, Latham announced a One Nation NSW policy to ban people from self-identifying as transgender.

“NSW One Nation believes in supporting biological and medical science, rather than radical Left-wing propaganda,” Latham said.

News of the #FarkMark stream has already been retweeted hundreds of times on Twitter, and users are already thrilled by the idea of helping gender diverse youth in spite of Latham’s transphobia.

“Legit I will do anything to spite Latham,” one user tweeted.

“Nothing like owning a politician who decided to run anti trans policies because he’s a national joke,” another said.

If you’re new to the world of Twitch streaming, Engstrom’s stream is a perfect place to start. You can watch, interact with Engstrom in the chat on the Totes Vidya stream, and simply donate to PGDC if watching someone else play video games isn’t your bag (it can be really fun, though!).

To watch the Totes Vidya #FarkMark stream – which kicks off at 9pm and runs through to 9pm on Saturday February 2, go here:

You can donate directly to PGDC at their website:

And you can make a donation on the stream by going here:

You can also watch Engstrom’s video explaining why he decided to do his charity stream below:

UPDATE: Engstrom raised over $6,000 for PGDC throughout his stream, far beyond his original $200 goal.

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