‘Ding Dong I’m Gay’ is your new queer web series obsession

‘Ding Dong I’m Gay’ is your new queer web series obsession
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If you’re mourning the loss of Please Like Me and long for more Aussie LGBTI entertainment, Ding Dong I’m Gay is here to satisfy your every need.

The locally-produced series premiered last week and already has views in the tens of thousands.

Created by and starring Tim Spencer, the series follows overachiever Cameron (Spencer), who has come to realise Sydney is not the gay utopia he hoped for when he moved there.

When his naive cousin from Yass arrives in town with the news of his own coming out, Cameron takes it upon himself to become a fairy godmother, all while he suspects his pregnant neighbour of hijacking his wi-fi and his pansexual housemate of being a secret foreign agent.

The series aims to skewer the divisions and diabolically awkward sex that come as part of the queer experience.

Three episodes have been released so far, with more currently in development – hopefully bringing with them more of the diversity of Australia’s LGBTI community.

Spencer co-wrote the series with The Checkout‘s Zoe Norton-Lodge, and the episodes were directed by Sarah Bishop, who also stars in the series alongside Remy Brand, Rupert Raineri, and Alex Lee.

Dong Dong I’m Gay was produced by Joshua Longhurst and Rosie Braye, whose Wintergarden Pictures also produced Spencer’s short film, Cherry Season, which screened on SBS On Demand earlier this year as part of its Queer for Short program.

It also features fabulously Broad City-esque opening titles from animator Ben Toupein.

“I’m really proud of Ding Dong I’m Gay and what the whole team has been able to produce. It’s something I have wanted to create for a long time and to see it on screen gives me a great sense of pride,” Spencer said.

“I feel so incredibly fortunate to work with this team of creatives who constantly upped the ante and brought these episodes to a whole new level of fun.”

Lee, who plays Cameron’s housemate Sweetie, says, “I’m thrilled to be involved in Ding Dong I’m Gay. It’s sexy, joyful and silly, and Sweetie is an absolute maniac.”

You can watch Ding Dong I’m Gay on YouTube now. Fair warning: it starts with a sex scene, so be careful watching on public transport!

Be sure to follow Ding Dong I’m Gay on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates on future episodes.

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