Josh Cavallo Calls Out Homophobic Online Trolls Who Sent Hate And Death Threats

Josh Cavallo Calls Out Homophobic Online Trolls Who Sent Hate And Death Threats
Image: Josh Cavallo. Image: Instagram.

Out gay Adelaide footballer Josh Cavallo has called out the vicious online hate he faces two years after coming out – from daily homophobic messages to death threats. 

In October 2021, Cavallo became the first top division male footballer to come out. Since then he has been an outspoken advocate for LGBTQI rights and tackling homophobia in sport. 

While he received overwhelmingly support from his teammates and fans after coming out, he has also been subjected to vile homophobic hate online daily. 

Name And Shame

Earlier this week, Cavallo shared a sampling of the messages he receives on his social media platforms. 

“I apologise in advanced for the next slide ahead. Please read with caution and contact any life line or support network if you may feel triggered in any way,” said Cavallo. 

The slide had messages like “dirty f***”, “you will die”, “football is not for fucking gay, it’s only real men sport” and “put him in a mental asylum”.

“We are in 2023 and this behaviour can be more harmful than you think. Two years on from my coming out journey and I go through my everyday life being reminded how people wish me dead,” Cavallo posted on Instagram. 

Do Better

Cavallo said he had been open about his life on social media with the intention to inspire others struggling with their sexuality. In 2022, Jake Daniels became the first male footballer in the UK to come out since the 1990s and credited Cavallo for inspiring him to come out. 

“I share my life via this social media platform to help individuals grow around the world. To feel empowered in their own skin. To be comfortable with the person they wish to be,” said Cavallo. 

“I’m hand on heart so proud of how much my football club and the LGBTQIA+ community have grown in the world of football but we have to remember there is still a huge amount of work left.”

Cavollo had a message for his haters.  “To all you social media platforms, all I have to say to you is do better.”

Melbourne-based out stand up comic Kirsty Webeck was among those who responded to Cavallo. “Sending you huge love, mate. Appalling things to have to read. You’re very loved and appreciated and you’re an outstanding role model,” said Webeck.

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2 responses to “Josh Cavallo Calls Out Homophobic Online Trolls Who Sent Hate And Death Threats”

  1. Not one of these trolls would tell him in person what they think. They don’t even use their real names online.

  2. hard as it may sound, ignore the pathetic deadshits that post these hateful messages. many are probably suffering some mental anguish that drives their cruelty. I do not think it is really personal, merely cretinous by sad mentally sick people.