LGBT Activists Protest WA Government’s Inaction On Anti-Discrimination Law

LGBT Activists Protest WA Government’s Inaction On Anti-Discrimination Law
Image: Image: Queer Liberation Boorloo/ Facebook.

LGBTQI advocacy groups held a rally outside Western Australia’s Parliament House in Perth on Tuesday to demand the government fulfil its promise to enact anti-discrimination laws to protect the community. 

The groups led by Queer Liberation Boorloo held aloft banners saying: “No more excuses. Queer Rights Now’. LGBTQI organisations have accused the Labor government of going back on its previous commitment to introduce legislation to protect the community from discrimination. 

“Momentum is building, and the time is right to fight for these vital reforms. So lets strike while the iron is hot,” Queer Liberation Boorloo said on its Facebook page. 

“The Government has revealed they have no intention to try and pass the much-awaited Equal Opportunity Act reform, going back on their previous commitments. Labor has no excuses for this delay while they have an unprecedented number of MPs and control over Parliament,” the group said. 

‘Legislation Will Be Delayed’

WA’s Law Reform Commission in 2022 recommended that amendments be made to the Equal Opportunity Act to ensure LGBTQI students and teachers are not discriminated. The government had committed to introduce the legislation in the first half of 2023. 

“We heard nothing until they were prompted again for a timeline in early October this year; this time, they wouldn’t even commit to introducing legislation this term. That means the legislation will be delayed until at least 2025!” the group said. 

Earlier this week, National LGBTQI advocacy group, Just. Equal Australia, and former Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commissioner, Dr. Robin Banks, had called out Western Australia’s Attorney General, John Quigley’s “misinformation” on the issue

Quigley claimed the state is waiting for the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) inquiry into this matter and the federal government’s response before proceeding with local legislation.

Just.Equal Australia’s spokesperson in Western Australia, Brian Greig described it as “utter nonsense.” Greig accused the Attorney General of fabricating “convenient excuses” for political inaction and urged the Cook Government to take decisive action.

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