Mark Latham suggests Australia should ban trans military personnel

Mark Latham suggests Australia should ban trans military personnel
Image: Mark Latham. Image: file photo.

MARK Latham has suggested Australia should follow the lead of US President Donald Trump to ban transgender people from the military, referring to trans women as “blokes in dresses” in the process.

Latham appeared on The Bolt Report defending Trump’s decision, Out in Perth has reported. Host Andrew Bolt criticised him for the transphobic language he used.

“There has been a trend over the last 10 or 20 years, right around the western world to say that people in the army just weren’t military warriors, they had to be social justice warriors, they had to be doing things on the basis of diversity and inclusion—which is all code for social engineering right through the defence forces,” Latham said.

“Trump has swept that all aside in saying that not every single institution in society needs to be subject to the leftist agenda of social engineering, diversity and inclusion.”

Bolt argued that gender or trans status shouldn’t affect a person’s ability to do their job.

Latham suggested trans woman soldiers would be unable to do certain tasks, such as searching women in war zones, because they would be considered “a bloke in a dress”.

“The man dressed as a woman certainly can’t do it,” said Latham.

Bolt interrupted to correct Latham, pointing out that trans women are women.

“But they’re not men dressed as women… they’re women who once were classified as men, and they’re women now,” said Bolt.

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15 responses to “Mark Latham suggests Australia should ban trans military personnel”

  1. Mark Latham should be the one banned from the military for being such a bigoted prick, since he is banned from the NSW Labor Party. ZING! Women and LGBTI people within Australia have been serving proudly for years now with no issue whatsoever and it is high-time in 2017 to treat them with respect and dignity that they deserve with dissection. It is the Conservative who have a lack of respect for people’s marriages and gender anyway! Grow a pair Mark Latham!

  2. Does anyone really care what FAILED ALP Leader and even greater failure as a Human Being, Mark Latham has to say?
    I doubt it.
    Typically, the only non-person & homophobe Andrew Bolt and the eternally homophobic, reactionary so-called News Organisation, News Corp, News Ltd are the only ones to give this clown space.
    Does anyone care what Donald trump has to say?
    This is the pathetic excuse for a Human being who said he would “Make America Great, Again” .
    All he has done is to “Make America the Laughing Stock of the World”
    Mark & Don we simply don’t give a flying F#$k about anything you have to say.

  3. Oh, I’m sorry Mr Latham, being the expert that you propose to be, I can’t find anything about your National Service. What gives a washed-up, loser of a politician the right to comment on something that you should be proud of? The mention of another hack, the POTUS, who also avoided National Service, as did his whole family, has been protected by approx 20,000 transgenders in the military. I would think that most transgender personnel in the forces would see themselves as a soldier, a sailor, an airman, etc. before they thought of their gender! Their training would sort out who could or couldn’t do a particular task, during wartime or peacetime. Latham, you’re a maggot.

  4. Latham should be ashamed of himself, I am.
    In the 21st century and this is the rhetoric being spoken. What sex do you have to be to able to pull a trigger?

  5. This is utterly disgusting. Whether you’re trans, gay, bi or straight should not affect you serving in the military or doing any kind of civil service. The idea that transgender people should be banned from serving their country is not just asinine but also incredibly prejudiced. No matter what pride flag you wave, you should still be able to represent the flag of your country and do it proud in military service.

  6. `looking at Trump’s excuse, “It costs more to care for a transgender person in the armed forces”. 1040% of 1% (1.4m – 2.8m )is an insignificant issue, where as the supply of Viagra to the troops is $8.4 B

  7. I am a conservative but really these toxic baby boomer ultra right so called commentators are a disgrace. In the name of free speech they run their bile and bilge commentary spreading misinformation, lies and fear. The real agenda is that they do not want change in any form while they are alive. They know they do not have support with the greater population but do not care about future generations. The baby boomer generation has been the most entitled generation in Australia’s history and now watch – these entitled pricks will not let go of power in any form. How do I know this? I am a baby boomer and totally ashamed of my generation. We have been given everything both from our parents who built a better community for us and retired and mentored and we have had free education and more yet it is still not enough. Latham is a clown and the majority of the community know it. Group him with the other toxic commentators from the baby boomer generation Jones, Bolt, Hadley, Abbott, Abetz, Andrews and the last supper is complete. The most comforting fact is that they are nearing or are in their twilight period and their bitter and toxic power grab views will eventually not be heard.

  8. Why are you publishing this garbage from a failed politician who has been sacked from the ALP, Skytv and now sees himself and is accepted as another Sydney bully boy who’s opinions are only broadcasted to the old white folks who are for ever whinging about everything and nothing in particular,

  9. Another Bigoted, arrogant dinosaur , he would do well to be in the Liberal party along with Eric Abetz, and yes I am Transgender

  10. I saw a tiny bit of this on tv last night and Andrew Bolt (that’s right, Andrew Bolt) was appropriately critical of Latham. Latham kept defending Trump’s decision as being based on expert military opinion, Bolt called Latham out on just repeating Trump’s spin. Bolt is a supporter of Catherine McGregor so that must have opened his thinking up on this issue.

    So well done Andrew Bolt (who ever thought they’d read that here!) and surely the Liberal Democrats must be reviewing Latham’s membership of their party. Latham seems incapable of understanding civil rights, due process, evidence-based decisions and individual liberty.