An exhibition of acceptance

An exhibition of acceptance

May 17 is International Day Against Homophobia. To mark the event, Paddington’s Kudos Gallery will host a free community exhibition from May 18-29 dealing with themes of overcoming homophobia and encouraging acceptance.

The exhibition was created by IDAHO Sydney to provide a forum for people to articulate their responses to incidents of homophobia and violence.

“One of the main goals of this year’s exhibition is to promote the message ‘love combating fear’,” campaign creator Nick Baldas said in a statement.

IDAHO Sydney has also set up an online interactive Hate Crime Map for people to document where they’ve experienced homophobic attacks. The map currently has dozens of markers dotted around greater Sydney, each one containing a story about physical and verbal attacks, even murders.

IDAHO the Exhibition will be launched on Tuesday, May 18 from 5pm-7.30pm at Kudos Gallery. The evening will feature a special performance from the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir.

IDAHO will also hold an event called Break The Silence on Saturday, May 22 from noon-2pm. The event, described as a ‘living library’, will provide an opportunity for cross-generational conversation, with more than 1000 invitations sent to secondary schools around NSW.

info: Visit to see the Hate Crime Map and other information.

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One response to “An exhibition of acceptance”

  1. I saw this show at the Santa Sophia Hall in Napier St.

    It looked quite tired as I’m sure I’ve seen most of the items at the previous shows.