If you feel a stirring deep inside you this weekend it could be the call from your divine self.

The planetary dance of last week is still relevant this week and on top of that we have a full moon in Libra and a cardinal grand square.
If the cosmos was an opera this weekend we would be seeing the opera of all operas. There would be passion, war, fire, hope, destruction and siren songs – but they would be sugar-coated in a layer of magic and mystery.

Don’t waste this weekend getting out of it -“ instead get into life, that is feel this wonderful full moon in all her glory.

Libra is a cardinal sign ruled by Venus. It is the only sign in the zodiac represented by an object, scales, not an animal or person.

This means this sign can be more unpredictable emotionally than others. One moment they will be sweet and gorgeous; the next a hard task-master.

Libra being a cardinal sign will give this full moon a very dynamic feel. The cardinal square will intensify everything to the extreme. Fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride.


Your challenge is to learn how to function and set boundaries in all your relationships. Work, home, love and yourself are the areas to focus on. This time of year always pinpoints the relationships in your life, however, there is more emphasis now as changes have to take place.


This aspect is highlighting your work and service zone. The task ahead involves looking at your self in a deep, analytical way to get some long overdue answers. Combining what you’ve learned so far on a logical level with what your instincts and intuition tell you will set you on your way.


Are you having enough fun? The full moon is in your pleasure zone and is challenged by the need to let go every now and then. Self-esteem doesn’t seem to be the issue, though the groups and networks you associate with may be lacking. This could be due to not enough stimulation, so maybe it’s time to make new friends.


Your intensity verges on scary this week and may be coming from some past issue you need to let go. Your sense of security will shift if you can sort out the circumstance and you’ll see a lot of doors open and new ventures on the horizon. Our challenges are there to make us stronger.


The task ahead involves your ability to communicate what is going on for you under the surface. Diplomacy will go a long way. It can be frustrating trying to get something out that isn’t coming naturally so don’t force it, but address it as it happens rather than dwelling on it.


Beware of frustrations getting the better of you. Others may not share your views and beliefs and you may want to push your agenda too hard. Assess the general feel of the situations you are faced with and try expressing yourself with tact and objectivity, as this will better your position in the future.


The full moon is in your sign and the theme is relationships. This is your area of expertise and regardless of the square that’s happening at the moment you can actually do well. Tact, diplomacy and balance are your strengths as well as looking for win-win situations, so go into your dealings with this in mind.


Challenges create the opportunity to learn. This phase can help you become closer to understanding your purpose. It doesn’t all have to be serious so introducing a little fun into the mix will help. Romance is well aspected for you too, whether single or attached.


This is your full moon to make a wish. It shines brightly in your hopes and dreams zone. There’s a situation that has been playing heavily on your mind, possibly related to cash and assets, which will only alter once you start focusing on changing it. Discover new angles from which to approach your issue.


As your individuality is still transforming, the full moon highlights your role in life as seen by others. All these things are connected and given the current focus on relationships, it’s all about how you are able to relate all this together. Continue to collect all the pieces of your puzzle.


No matter how big or small the impact is, you are still making an impact. You have some great opportunities to make a grand entrance on the world stage. Whatever your endeavours the full moon illuminates your zone of worldly affairs and luck so seize the opportunity.


You can be a catalyst for change and the advancement of others. You will receive benefit from this too as it could show you a few hidden talents. Remember that you can only help those who want it or are ready to receive it. You will know who they are without having to seek them out

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