Daytime glassing

Daytime glassing

A 22-year-old man was chased and glassed in Hyde Park on Sunday afternoon despite walking with a group of friends in daylight.

The incident took place around 5pm near the entrance to Museum Station on Liverpool St.

The man sustained facial injuries from a glass bottle and was taken to St Vincent’s Hospital while police search for two men with short blond hair believed to be involved.

Police urged anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. Just hours earlier NSW Police handed out safety material at Fair Day. The warnings included travelling with friends if going out at night, and keeping to well-lit streets.

ACON’s Anti-Violence Project also advises to avoid eye contact with groups of young men, and to remember that alcohol can make people aggressive and unpredictable.

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3 responses to “Daytime glassing”

  1. Eye contact? I think the rule of thumb would be to avoid walking a path that will take you next to or near a group of straight young men in a hyped state. I was once punched in the head while walking through Hyde Park past a group of young straight men for no apparent reason other than I was simply there at the time when one of them decided he wanted to look cool to his mates. It was unprovoked and there was definitely no eye contact.

  2. One can’t even walk in daylight with mates without being attacked nowadays. That’s why I never go to Oxford St now – too dangerous and crime ridden.