DJ Josh

DJ Josh

DJ Josh has residencies all around the country, including a monthly gig at Arq’s Sunday School.

She also plays at clubs in Hobart, Adelaide and Port Lincoln, South Australia. She gives us her top five dance tracks at the moment.


Young Parisians feat. Ben Lost

I like this tune because it’s not often you get to hear such a brilliant male vocalist on a trance production. When it’s mixed in an equally brilliant production by one of my favourite teams -“ Kayau vs Albert -“ you have nothing but pure listening pleasure and great danceability.


Thrillseekers (Ferry Corsten remix)

What more do I need to say about this classic tune, remixed by Ferry Corsten and written and produced by another of my faves, the Thrillseekers? It’s tunes like this that will never go away. It holds many memories on many a dancefloor over the years and it’s back.



Another one of those massive productions with a haunting male vocal. It sets the pace and feels exactly like the song suggests. I get lost in this track and how it makes me feel. I’m sure those who know it can tell you we all feel like jumping the next train from time to time.


Blue Star

I have dropped this track at many gigs from Mardi Gras, Sleaze, Arq and the Market in Melbourne, and every time I do it gets a huge reaction. The lyrics and production have you singing along with hands in the air every time. I get at least three people asking me what the track is called whenever I play it.


Cosmic Gate feat. Jan Johnston

This is the tune of the century. Name me one person who hasn’t said I went skydiving to this song, or I want to skydive to this song. It’s another one of those tunes that make you feel exactly what they portray.

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