Expect a shake-up these coming weeks

Expect a shake-up these coming weeks

Expansive Jupiter is opposing Pluto, the planet of the subconscious, from 13 April until 4 May.

Jupiter is currently in Capricorn and Pluto is in Cancer. When two planets oppose each other they create tension and conflict and then from this conflict there is harmony and balance between the two forces.

Through Jupiter’s expansive quality it also draws things out into the open and, because it is opposing Pluto the god of the underworld or the subconscious, there will be a veil opening between our outer and inner worlds.

That which is hidden becomes overt. That which is overt comes under scrutiny.

On a worldly scale each society has unspoken rules about what is acceptable and unacceptable so, under this opposition, these types of rules start to be questioned.

On a personal level, under this influence there will be a need to balance our emotional and physical worlds.

Things have to get worse before they get better so expect a shake-up over the next few weeks that will root out the thoughts and feelings that are holding you back.


The opposition between Mars and Jupiter will affect home and career. Your challenge is to stay focused and not let distractions take you away from the tasks ahead of you. You can work towards building solid foundations for your position in life, but you’ll need to make sure everything is in order first.


Putting things into perspective and taking a practical approach will keep you grounded. Remember that everyone makes mistakes and expecting perfection from yourself or others sets you up for disappointment so take things as they come. Try to live in the present moment.


There are a lot of changes going on for you where there is a need to let go of something and invest in your own self-esteem. Your inner voice wants to speak to you to help you. It’s going to take some realistic analysis to look at what needs to be done and, once you’ve got it, you can do it.


You’ll need to assert yourself in a calm manner in order to achieve what you need to. Try not to get involved in dramas as it will only exhaust you and not really prove anything. Continue to strive for your goals and aspirations without letting distractions interfere. Look at both sides of a situation.


This opposition will help you see that once you change your view or perception of something it becomes a lot easier. It’s like when you go against the tide, exhaustion and frustration take over, but once you start to move with the current you move faster with little effort. The same applies to your current situation.


What have you learned about yourself up to this point? There’s been enough going on that has given you clues. Overdoing it has led to health problems, certain thought patterns have proved frustrating and some directions have led to dead ends. That can change if you want it to.


Family, relationships, work -¦ it’s all happening. Now where do you see yourself in it all? Remember to pat yourself on the back every now and then as you are travelling a lot better than you think you are. Remain determined to keep moving forward regardless of little setbacks, because that’s all they are.


It’s great to be aware of your shortcomings, but it’s powerful to be aware of your strengths. This is the time to put your strengths into action as someone or many people in your life could do with experiencing your power. Leave behind the notion that you have nothing to offer.


There’s a question of purpose and confidence. You’re not quite sure how to gauge where you are. Seek clarity first and look at the best way to express the urges inside and when you are ready then you can act. Acting without direction and purpose causes misdirection and confusion.


Organisation and discipline are key words for you this week. The world won’t fall apart if you aren’t there to help. You need to take care of what is in front of you first and then when you have time you can see if something else needs your attention. Learn to use and work with your resources.


Trends are moving fast in your world. One minute you think you’ve got the ultimate answer and then you’re back at square one. If you can let go of something just as quickly as you can grab the next concept you will attain much. Sometimes logic goes out the window and that’s okay.


Do people understand you? Are you managing to get the point across? Probably not but maybe they aren’t meant to. The main thing is that you understand what’s going on and if you don’t -¦ well, just remember that moods are influential and what impacts on you filters through to others.

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