Fashionably late

Fashionably late

Well, I finally got me an iPod, and I couldn’t be happier.

It’s pathetic, I know. Here I am, fully five years after anyone with a smidgin of a clue got theirs, and I’m finally waking up to how great they are and, also, how barren my life has been up until now.

It’s my way. I’m forever getting into things far too late. Like the TV show The West Wing: after years of only dimly knowing what it was about, my boyfriend and I got hooked about five episodes before the end. (We are now dutifully about to work our way through Season One on DVD.)

But I’m not some out-and-out nerd, I hasten to point out. I do kind of keep up with new music and fashion and in places to go and all of that kind of crap; I just prefer to do my keeping up from a safe distance. Especially with clothes.

Partly, this springs from what I myself find attractive. I know a lot of readers will have a different opinion, but I actually find too much fashion savvy a bit of a turn-off. I see those trendy guys sporting their wide, studded belts and their trilby hats and their T-shirts with the wide-open V-neck, and I think, meh, it’s too studied, too peacocky, too girly. (Please note: I have nothing against girls. I also have nothing against girly boys. I just don’t want to root either of them.)

I like to think my strategy has served me well. I can honestly say being slightly fashion-retarded has saved me from some pretty awful fashion moments, like those godawful clamdiggers everyone was wearing a few years back (never wore them), Chinese character tattoos (never got one) and facial piercings (also never got one).

Still, there’s no point denying that I am a littlebit of a nerd, and getting this new Ipod has certainly proved it. Because it’s a personal item -“ for my ears only, as it were -“ I find I’m not trying to impress anybody with my musical taste, so I’m free to bung on the nerdy stuff I love (ABBA b-sides; 2 Unlimited remixes; the theme from Mission: Impossible), along with the cool stuff (Franz Ferdinand; The White Stripes; GusGus) I also -“ somehow -“ managed to pick up and love along the way.

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