Filter will block gay, fetish websites

Filter will block gay, fetish websites

A Swedish-based website has published two versions of the Australian Government’s Internet blacklist confirming that it contains numerous gay websites.

Wikileaks, calling itself a non-profit freedom of information project, published the second list of 1168 websites after Communications Minister Stephen Conroy claimed the first was too long to be accurate and contained items no longer on the current list.

The latest list, dated 18 March, still contains more than 70 gay adult websites and several devoted to BDSM and fetish material that would be legal in other restricted media forms.

Senator Conroy has said the blacklist maintained by the Australian Communication and Media Authority would be used to curb child pornography as part of the Government’s promised mandatory internet filter. Less than half of the latest leaked list refers to underage models, and several inclusions appear to be benign, such as an astrology blog.

In a statement ACMA said its list was compiled by complaints regarding online material that was prohibited under classification guidelines.

ACMA provides the blacklist to the fourteen providers of filter software which have been tested and accredited by the Internet Industry Association (IIA), as part of IIA’s Family Friendly Filter scheme.

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One response to “Filter will block gay, fetish websites”

  1. In life there are many forms of sexuality in practice, i have no problem with this fact. But, any form of sex that involves children or animals is NOT ON!!! an indeed, the law should come down on these people with all it’s weight.
    Home/ hetro , any fetish….It is your life,and provideing you are not hurting anyone in a dangerous sense, and you partner/s are happy with their way of life go for it…IT IS YOUR AFFAIR AND YOUR AFFAIR ONLY. Ignore what the churches and Jesus freaks tell us, (we all know about these bastards and little boys). Live your life as you see fit. EXAMPLE:- to be gay is not a f*****g “sin”…if you have a fetish like wearing panties (being male) that is not a b****y sin either…these JF’s are full of bull s**t….GET on with your life…Remember…While the priest is telling you how sinfull you are, they are f*****g little boys.